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The Best Sheets for a Man's Bed

Doesn't this setup from Schoolhouse Electric look inviting?

It's a strange reality. Even though most of us are fine spending the necessary cash on some nice shoes or a well-made jacket, we neglect our sheets—an item we use everyday—an item so intimate, we share it with the people we have sex with. You don't want to be the guy with ratty sheets. Especially when you have an overnight guest. Maybe you've even considered buying some quality bedding. When you're doing laundry and you try to remember how long you have had these sheets. If you can't remember, you're due for a new set. Trust us, you'll sleep better because of it. Oh, and forget about thread count. Most experts we've talked with agree that it's essentially a marketing ploy. Quality 250-thread-count sheets can be a lot softer than cheap 900-thread-count sets which can feel like sandpaper. Forget the numbers and just go with what feels good.

Our Picks

Schoolhouse Electric Gray Dot Sheet Set

Gray dot sheet set

Here's what we like about Schoolhouse Electric's sheet sets. They're designed in collaboration with one of Portlands most revered letterpress studios, so the patterns have a perfectly imperfect look. Plus, the pillowcases button, which is a really nice touch. The sheets themselves, are sewn from luxe percale cotton.

From $149 by Schoolhouse Electric

Matteo Mica Linen Sheet Set

Mica linen sheet set

You know that comfy, don't-want-to-move feeling you have lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning? A good set of linen sheets, with their superior softness, can deliver the same feeling. This set, made in Los Angeles by Matteo, is garment dyed for a slightly vintage look and then run through a special wash for an even softer feel.

$396 / $289.98 for a queen set by Matteo

Eddie Bauer Portuguese Flannel Sheet Set

Portuguese flannel sheet set

Soft yet sophisticated, owning a good set of flannel sheets is the most comforting antidote to dark winter nights and chilly mornings. Eddie Bauer's set is crafted from a mid-weight Portuguese cotton flannel. World-renowned for its exceptional quality, it's brushed on both sides for softness and warmth. These are guaranteed to soothe and relax.

From $129 / $96.75 by Eddie Bauer

West Elm Tencel Sheet Set

Tencel sheet set

These smooth and silky sheets are a vacation-level amenity at home. Tencel, a temperature-regulating technical fabric, is 50% more moisture-wicking than standard cotton and extremely smooth. Perhaps even more impressive though, is how it retains its cool-to-the-touch feel.

From $109 for sheets, and $39 for pillowcases by West Elm

Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

Sateen sheet set

Want all the sexiness and sumptuous smoothness of silk or satin without the dainty feel or shiny look? Then you want sateen. This set, designed in Los Angeles and made in Italy from long-staple Egyptian cotton, comes in a range of solid colors. Plus, if you don't sleep with a top sheet, you can select a Euro-style set that comes without it.

From $109 by Parachute

Brooklinen Percale Cotton Sheet Set

Percale Cotton sheet set

This direct-to-consumer brand was founded to fill the void between high-end luxury linens (that most guys refuse to shell out for) and the big box brand of scratchy sheets (that most guys settle for). Their classic core set is available in handsome patterns and is crafted from crisp cotton percale weave that only gets softer with each wash.

From $99 by Brooklinen

Laundry Hack

Avoid wrinkles by taking your sheets out of the dryer while they're still the slightest bit damp and put them back on the bed while still warm. Trust us, it's as good as ironing.