The Best Travel Pillows
for Any Type of Trip

The best travel pillows for long flights The best travel pillows for long flights

I pretty much love everything about flying. The promise of a journey, the rush of takeoff, the Biscoff cookies. I've loved it all since I was a kid. Maybe it's my fondness of travel or the calming effect that watching the world from 34,000 feet has on me, but I'm also pretty good at sleeping on planes. The constant white noise hum of the engines and the subtle vibrations? So soothing. Then again, maybe I like flying more than the average person because I stay awake just long enough to claim my Biscoff cookies and then tuck into my trusty travel pillow and zonk out until we start our slow descent into landing. You see, having the proper travel pillow—not some regrettable impulse purchase you picked up from a Hudson News minutes before a flight—is the difference between having a restful flight and arriving at your destination tired, aggravated and nursing a strained neck.


Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Best Overall

It may be one of the least pillow-looking pillows, but I fully stand behind this one after it allowed me to sleep through an entire nonstop flight from Los Angeles to London. It's inflatable, so when it's not in use, it can be rolled around itself and attached to the handle of your luggage. And when inflated, the ergonomic shape provides full lateral support for your upper body, which means you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It's a more natural way to rest your head and won't strain your neck. It also attaches to your seat so it stays put—meaning you can you easily get comfortable in even the worst (read: middle) seat.

$24.95 by Travelrest

HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Ultimate Privacy

The HoodiePillow is just what it sounds like: a cushy memory foam neck pillow covered in sweatshirt-like fleece material with an attached drawstring hood in the same fabric. Pull up the hood to cover your eyes and block out the light for better sleep or simply to put up a soft, but effective wall between you and your seat mate. This is also great for bus or train trips, where you don't have much control over your environment.

$29.95 by HoodiePillow


J-Pillow Travel Pillow

Great for
Window Seats

If you prefer (and you probably should) the window seat, this wedges between your head and the plane's wall perfectly. It was also named the British Invention of the Year and boasts over 15,000 rave reviews from customers. The unique, three-pronged pillow supports the side of your head and chin to keep your neck in alignment. Plus, you can throw the whole thing, not just the cover, in the wash for a good cleaning after a long, germ-filled trip.

$29.74 by J-Pillow

TRTL Neck Support Travel Pillow

The Anti-Pillow

The TRTL isn't exactly a pillow. It's not filled or inflatable. It's actually more like an oversized fleece scarf, outfitted with a removable internal plastic frame that wraps around the neck and velcros securely to hold the head upright weightlessly without impacting your shoulder. Like a cozy, casual neck brace. It's surprisingly effective and for those who like to pack light, this is half the size of the average pillow and folds up flat (making it easy to slip into the side pocket of your bag).

$29.99 by TRTL


Brookstone BullRest Travel Pillow

The Coolest Option

With a slimmer profile and ultra-contoured shape, Brookstone's BullRest is 80 percent smaller than the average horseshoe-shaped travel pillow. And if just the thought of having one of those overstuffed pillows around your neck for a few hours gets you sweating, this is for you. Made of lightweight memory foam, it has a large vent along the back to allow airflow on your neck and it's covered with moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry.

$59.99 by Brookstone

Biased Opinion

Do not wear your travel pillow off the plane


For the love of God, man, don't walk around the airport wearing your travel pillow. Don't even get it out until you're settled in your seat.

For the love of God, man, don't walk around the airport wearing your travel pillow. Don't even get it out until you're settled in your seat.

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