When you just don’t know what to get them, or they've expressed the desire not to have any more “things,” you now have the perfect gift option. It's a gift that always delights and this one keeps on giving for as long as you'd like. We're talking about sending flowers. But not just any bouquet. UrbanStems is known for sourcing on-trend blooms and creating stunning arrangements that fit a wide range of styles. They prioritize working directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in order to cut out unnecessary middlemen and deliver the freshest bouquets. That means they not only look better, but last longer. With their subscription service, you choose the duration of the gift and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) along with the style and price point that suits your tastes and budget. What's more, you can get 10% off any subscription with code MORESTEMS if you order now.