What Valet. Readers Bought
the Most in November

10 covetable products that made our readers *add to cart* over the past 30 days

What Valet. Readers Bought the Most in November 2020

Each month, there are a lot of products featured on Valet. From high-end splurges and luxurious investment pieces to more affordable, everyday items. Which ones were the most popular with you, the reader? We looked over the data and crunched the numbers. Herewith, the ten pieces our readers clicked on and bought the most over the past 30 days. Do any of these ring a bell?

It was pulled from the L.L.Bean archives, then reinvented with a modern sensibility and fit. And if the wild pattern is a bit loud for you, there are three other colorways to choose from. ”

They help you feel like you've gotten dressed and are able to sit down and do your work. ”


Ben Gorham, founder of luxury fragrance house Byredo, has partnered with IKEA for a collection of sophisticated candles offered at incredibly affordable prices ”

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$9.99 at IKEA

The lightweight blazer is made from stretch cotton and meant to layer over whatever casual option you're wearing. ”

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$120 / $44.99 at Abercrombie & Fitch


This luxe glass bottle is full of 75 wooden matches with white tips that light easily by striking against the back of the bottle. ”

A stylish, eco-friendly pot made from recycled wood, giving it a unique texture. ”

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$18.99 / $15.20 by MinimumDesign


One of the best options for those who wear glasses. This is comfortable and won't fog them up. ”

A man never regrets having a quilted jacket. They're insulting, they have an inherent sportiness and they feel great on the body. ”


With over 19,000 reviews leading to a nearly five star rating, the ASAKO action camera is the most affordable and highest quality alternative to a GoPro on the market. ”


Honey-Can-Do Wooden Hangers

Handsome and durable, they retain a shirt or jacket's shape while making getting dressed feel a whole lot more special. ”

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$36 / $13.99 (for 24) by Honey-Can-Do

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