5 Stylish Items
to Buy This Week

From modern Western belt to a relaxed, rugged work shirt

5 stylish items to buy this week 5 stylish items to buy this week

The Valet. team is constantly scouring shops and the web to find the latest and greatest items from the worlds of fashion, footwear and gear. Here, the editors have assembled their latest finds—the items we deem worthy of your hard-earned money. Browse away, treat yourself to something and start the week off right.


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Want a Western belt that doesn't scream “cowboy”? California Arts has the one for you. The brand's slim leather belt features simple, unadorned Western-inspired silver hardware—from a polished silver horseshoe buckle and double solid silver belt loops, to that requisite pointed silver tip. They call it “a minimalist edge for the California cowboy.”

Western leather belt,
$93 by California Arts


Not everything has to be so serious, right? This little storage box, which looks like an oversized LEGO block, slides open to reveal a handy drawer for stashing things. It would be great on a desk, or maybe a coffee table. Because when closed, it almost looks like a design object. And yes, you can stack them like actual LEGO blocks, so build it up as much as you want (swapping colors could be cool, too). If you really want to be fancy, it also comes in genuine oak wood as well.

Stackable storage box,
$13.99 by LEGO



It's hard to find a good work shirt. Either they're made by fashion brands, and thus, never rugged enough ... or they're authentic workwear and can feel uncomfortable or the fit is a little off. Madewell's design team landed a dart right in the middle of that Venn diagram. Their version, inspired by a vintage mechanic's shirt, is cut from a soft cotton twill that's been garment-dyed for a worn-in look and feel. The button's have an antique design and the chest pockets are generous, too. In short, they nailed it.

Garment-dyed work shirt,
$98 / $82.99 by Madewell


After ignoring them for too long, we're back wearing scarves. Not only do they add a nice touch of color to otherwise drab winter fits, they're also an essential tool for keeping warm in the most frigid winter conditions. Japan's Maker's Shirt brand went straight to the source to produce their vintage-inspired tartan scarves—they're made in Scotland from lambswool, sourced from Merino sheep aged under six months. The result is an extremely soft, never itchy, muffler that's as warm as it is handsome.

Merino wool scarf,
$79 by Maker's Shirt



Time moves pretty fast. But a good-looking analog clock seems to make it pass a little more slowly. Or, at least, allows you to enjoy it while the minutes and hours flick away. I was going to buy one of these in a vintage shop not long ago, but when I went back, it was gone. Time flies. Thankfully, Itigoitie now makes a faithful reproduction that's not only affordable but also brand new so you know the timekeeping is reliable.

Retro flip clock,
$59.99 by Itigoitie

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