Staying Warm Starts at the Top

Staying Warm
Starts at
the Top

How to "cap off" your look with the right hat

The best men's beanies for work and off-duty

If you've spent any time in a cold-weather climate, you know that this time of year can be rough. It's dark before dinner, walking without slipping seems like a viable Olympic sport and stepping outside means being blasted by that cranky bastard, Old Man Winter.

While you've likely got your coat, boots and other basics covered, the finishing touch to stay (and look) warm comes down to the accessories—which all starts at the top. Considering a beanie takes up so little real estate, it can easily influence your overall look. So we gathered a few of our favorite winter hats this year and broke them into office-appropriate knits and the perfect evening and weekend hats. It all depending on how you want to "cap off" your outfit.

During the week: understated is key. Don't be too loud or bright, and having a hat complement your outwear is better than matching, so a camel hair coat with a charcoal or navy hat is a smart, safe play. When you're off the clock, do whatever you want. Really. Cut through a dreary winter day with bold stripes, bright-as-hell colors and attention-getting patterns.


Monday - Friday

Brooks Brothers Cashmere Cable Knit

If you're going to invest in good shoes you can do the same with this classic cashmere cap.

Cashmere cable knit,
$118 by Brooks Brothers

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Cap

Polo Bear cap,
$45 / $31.50 with code FRIEND, by Ralph Lauren

Goorin Bros. Ice Box Watchman Beanie

If you want the warmth of cashmere without the price, let us introduce you to alpaca.

Ice box watchman beanie,
$65 by Goorin Bros.

Filson Virgin Wool Watch Cap

Virgin wool watch cap,
$45 by Filson

Marine Layer Heathered Wool Beanie

Heathered wool beanie,
$48 by Marine Layer


Your Off Hours

Carhartt Watch Hat

Carhartt's roots are rural, but they've become synonymous with streetwear recently. This bold cap will make its mark on your walk to brunch.

Watch hat,
$12.99 by Carhartt

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie

Powder town beanie,
$39.50 / $19.50 by Patagonia

Pendleton Rainer Stripe Beanie

These bold colors come straight from Pendleton's newest line celebrating the country's national parks.

Rainer stripe beanie,
$19.50 by Pendleton

Noah Embroidered Core Beanie

Embroidered core beanie,
$32 by Noah

Nike ACG Beanie

ACG beanie,
$29 by Nike


Army survival manual

The idea that you lose 40% of your body heat through your head is a long-standing myth, perpetuated by an old Army survival manual.

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