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Not So Basic

The easy-to-pull-on staple will never let you down

A great hooded sweatshirt is a ride-or-die wardrobe staple. It will never go out of style, or out of season, for that matter. But during the breezy days and chilly nights of autumn, there's nothing more comforting than pulling on a relaxed sweatshirt. You want something that looks cool enough to hang with whatever you're already wearing. That's simple but not basic. You can still make a statement with your hoodie—be it a bold graphic, a uniquely textured material or simply a strong color choice that will contrast and complement the rest of your wardrobe. And since the look is rooted in streetwear and skate culture, try wearing them with some relaxed Dickies-inspired trousers or jeans and a pair of classic sneakers. Come winter, layer it under your overcoat for an easy high and low mix.


The Best Picks

Destination Neoprene Hoodie

Neoprene hoodie,
$148 by Destination

John Elliott Kake Mock Pullover

Kake mock pullover,
$228 by John Elliott

Saturdays NYC Ditch Poppy Hoodie

Ditch poppy hoodie,
$125 by Saturdays NYC

Drapeau Noir Japanese Brushed Fleece Hoodie

Japanese brushed
fleece hoodie,
$182 by Drapeau Noir

Japanese brushed fleece hoodie,
$182 by Drapeau Noir

Wallace & Barnes Vintage-Inspired Hoodie

Vintage-inspired hoodie,
$89.50 by Wallace & Barnes


Zara Hooded Pouch Sweatshirt

Hooded pouch sweatshirt,
$69.90 by Zara

Wash Wisdom: Retain the color, softness and smoothness of your sweatshirts by turning them inside-out when washing.

Todd Snyder + Champion Polartec Sherpa Hoodie

Polartec sherpa hoodie,
$188 by Todd Snyder + Champion

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