Best picks from menswear's caramel color fall trend Best picks from menswear's caramel color fall trend

Take Your
Fall Wardrobe
to New Heights

Give your style a sharp punch with a shot of caramel coloring

It's not a bold color, but it is a rich color. One that makes an impact while remaining relatively safe. We're talking about the warm shade of caramel brown. It's an ideal autumn hue and one that's popping up in brands big and small this season. What's more, this caramel color is easy to wear because it's practically a neutral. It looks good on pretty much any guy and goes with nearly anything else in your closet, from black jeans or a denim jacket to proper grey trousers for work. With cooler temperatures and apple picking Saturdays just around the corner, we assembled the perfect caramel pieces to drip yourself in this fall. From some rugged camp pants built for adventure and a classic Harrington jacket to modern knitwear and a few scene-stealing accessories.


Caramel Delights

Taylor Stitch Caramel Camp Pants

Camp pants,
$128 by Taylor Stitch

J.Crew Caramel Suede Ball Cap

Suede ball cap,
$68 by J.Crew

Baracuta Caramel G9 Harrington Jacket

G9 Harrington jacket,
$369 by Baracuta

Astorflex Caramel Greenflex Chukkas

Greenflex chukkas,
$155 by Astorflex


Saturdays NYC Caramel Waffle Knit Sweater

Waffle knit sweater,
$225 by Saturdays NYC

Todd Snyder + Champion Caramel Turtleneck Sweatshirt

Turtleneck sweatshirt,
$118 by Todd Snyder + Champion

Fjallraven Caramel Greenland Backpack

Greenland backpack,
$120 by Fjällräven

Todd Snyder Caramel Corduroy Shirt Jacket

Corduroy shirt jacket,
$288 by Todd Snyder

Zara Caramel Knit Polo

Knit polo,
$45.90 by Zara


Salted caramel

A 2017 study by the University of Florida concluded that the popularity of salted caramel is due to its unique chemical composition, as all of its main ingredients have effects on the brain's reward systems, resulting in a process described as "hedonic escalation."

Salted caramel

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