The Best Lightweight Sweaters to Wear Right Now

The Best Lightweight Sweaters to Wear Right Now

Thin cotton sweaters that were built for sunnier days

The best men's lightweight spring sweaters.

When it comes to the unpredictable, transitional weather leading into springtime, a lightweight sweater can come in clutch. Of course, buying a new sweater just before the weather warms up might not feel like a priority, but let me put it to you this way. You're about to enter the season of al fresco dining and rooftop drinking, of weddings and weekend adventures. And these thin knits are an integral part of any man's warm-weather wardrobe. Why? Because they have everything you want and nothing you don't.

For starters, your winter sweaters look like they were made for getting cozy in a cabin. And perhaps even more importantly, they're designed to trap heat and cling to your neck and wrists. But this breed of warm weather sweaters are made from easy, breezy cottons, silks and linens—knit and woven in patterns to promote air circulation. Like a well-tinted moonroof on a luxury car, these offer just enough coverage to keep you cool when it's hot out and cozy when there's a chill in the air—all while looking damn good.


The Best Options

East Mfg. Dihn Hemp Crewneck Sweater

Dihn hemp crewneck,
$295 by 18 East Mfg.

H&M Fine-Knit Cotton Sweater

Fine-knit cotton sweater,
$24.99 by H&M

Suitsupply Linen Cotton Crewneck

Linen cotton crewneck,
$79 by Suitsupply

Wallace & Barnes Space-Dyed Crewneck

Space-dyed crewneck,
$130 by Wallace & Barnes

Uniqlo U Textured Cotton Sweater

Textured cotton sweater,
$39.90 / $29.90 by Uniqlo U

Sandro Textured Cotton Sweater

Textured cotton sweater,
$280 by Sandro


Zara Cotton Raglan Sleeve Sweater

Cotton raglan sleeve sweater,
$39.90 by Zara

Saturdays NYC Cotton-Cashmere Jacquard Sweater

Cotton-cashmere jacquard sweater,
$225 by Saturdays NYC

Incotex Striped Cotton Sweater

Striped cotton sweater,
$355 by Incotex

Todd Snyder Basketweave Stitched Sweater

Basketweave stitched sweater,
$178 by Todd Snyder

Sweater washing instructions

Machine Washable

Check the tag on your own sweater, but since these are mostly cotton, most spring sweaters are easily machine washable. Just toss them in your standard cold wash cycle and then let them dry, laid-out flat on a clean towel.

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