The Best Beanies
for Men

Best men's beanies in 2020

The Best Beanies
for Men

No man should be without a knit cap this winter

Some hats can be tricky to pull off. But not a beanie. The humble knit hat, also known as a stocking cap or watch cap, is a stylish and supremely cozy winter accessory that has never let anyone down. Comfortable and stretchy, it never looks out of place, adapting perfectly to suit various personal styles and types of hair. A knit cap can be merely a fashionable topper, it can be solution to a bad hair day, or it can live up to its fullest potential and protect all those sensitive nerve endings in your head from the brutal cold of winter.

Of course, not all beanies are created equal—which is why it's imperative to find one that suits your tastes, personal temperature preferences and desired coziness. You'll be wearing this all winter, right on top of your head, so yes, it's a piece worth spending a little money on. To help you narrow down the best of the best, we've pulled together our favorites to buy right now, in a range of styles, yarns and price points.


The Best Beanies
in 2020

Hill City Merino-Cashmere Cap

Merino-cashmere cap,
$58 / $29 by Hill City

Drake's Geelong-Angora Beanie

Geelong-angora beanie,
$80 by Drake's

Carhartt Stratus Low Beanie

A low-profile alternative to their classic watch cap

Stratus low beanie,
$28 by Carhartt

Bather Classic Beanie

Classic beanie,
$40 by Bather

Alex Mill Donegal Cashmere Cap

Donegal cashmere cap,
$95 by Alex Mill

Good Fishing Organic Cotton Beanie

Fair Trade certified and made with eco-friendly, colorfast dye

Organic cotton beanie,
$45 by Good Fishing

UNIQLO Lightweight Cashmere Beanie

Easy, breezy and not too warm

Lightweight cashmere beanie,
$29.90 / $19.90 by UNIQLO

RoToTo MOF Watch Cap

MOF watch cap,
$67 by RoToTo

J. Press Shaggy Dog Brushed Wool Cap

Shaggy Dog brushed wool cap,
$60 by J. Press

Outerknown Fisherman Beanie

Fisherman beanie,
$48 by Outerknown

Hyer Goods Better Beanie

Made from soft, upcycled Italian deadstock wool

Better beanie,
$75 by Hyer Goods

Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Wool Beanie

Signature wool beanie,
$48 / $39.99 by Polo Ralph Lauren


You’re wearing them on your head, so you need to wash your beanie occasionally. Check the tag, but most can be thrown into the washer on a delicate cycle or washed in the sink by hand. Use cold water, gentle detergent and lay it flat on a towel to air dry.

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