Who can say why it happened. Maybe it's the return to classic workwear, or the skatewear influence on men's fashion—perhaps it's just a reaction to living in sweats for the better part of 2020. But suddenly, work pants are everywhere. The icons from Dickies and Carhartt are here and accounted for, but brands both big and small are making them as well. Built to withstand serious abuse, the unifying signature is the reinforced front (often a large patch of duplicate material sewn onto the knees to prevent wearing through). While they'd all be considered “hard pants” at this point, there's a reassuring feeling that comes with wearing something sturdy in such uncertain times—it feels almost like armor. But the options below come in a range of fits and fabrics—from roomy and rugged to crisp and slightly stiff to pre-washed and broken-in. What's more, these wider-leg, tough-as-nails work pants go with anything you already have in your closet, so pull them on with everything from hoodies and sneakers to sweaters and loafers.