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The Filson Seattle shirt in navy ($195).

Moleskin is not, in fact, made from the skin of moles. Let's just get that out of the way. It's made from a thick cotton fabric that's been brushed and sanded to create a slightly fuzzy pile on one side. Think of it like corduroy without the ribbed wales. Soft yet durable, it's ideal for crisp autumn days—cozier than basic cotton but not as warm or heavy as wool when used in jackets and trousers. It's supple and slightly spongy, inside and out, so it's a pleasure to wear, literally. And best of all, it gets better with age. You can spot the fabric in a whole range of goods for Fall 2020, from layerable shirts and jackets to the most comfortable pants you can pull on.


Our Picks

Billy Reid Moleskin Jean

Moleskin jean,
$225 by Billy Reid

Evan Kinori Three Pocket Moleskin Jacket

Three pocket jacket,
$525 by Evan Kinori

Filson Seattle Moleskin Shirt

Seattle shirt,
$195 by Filson

Proper Cloth Bowery Moleskin Pants

Bowery pants,
$150 by Proper Cloth

Bonobos Moleskin Trucker Jacket

Trucker jacket,
$248 by Bonobos

Wythe New York Pearlsnap Moleskin Shirt

Pearlsnap shirt,
$178 by Wythe New York

Todd Snyder Stretch Madison Moleskin Suit

Stretch Madison suit,
$596 by Todd Snyder

Moleskin 101

Warm and resistant to wind and rain, it’s not surprising that the majority of manufacturers of this cloth are British mills. Barbour began using it in their hunting gear and continues to utilize the fabric in much of their outerwear.

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