It’s Time to
Get Into Stripes

Alex Mill Indigo Slub Cotton Stripe T-Shirt

It’s Time to Get Into Stripes

Raise your T-shirt game this spring

Indigo slub cotton, $65 / $40 by Alex Mill

Indigo slub cotton, $65 / $40 by Alex Mill

Plain T-shirts are essential. And graphic tees let you advertise your beliefs or make a bold statement. Somehow, stripes tend to get lost in the fray. But come spring and summer, you want to have a few on hand. They've got a subtle yet distinct style—from the more classic Breton sailor stripes to the '70s swagger of the skate-influenced styles. These stripes have the power to upgrade any casual look. And while they add the perfect amount of personality to your lightweight layers, they do just fine on their own too. Just don't be afraid of them. Use this as an opportunity to try a bold color choice or busier pattern than you'd normally wear. Trust us, you won't regret it.


Best Striped T-Shirts

Wellen Stripe T-Shirt

Hemp stripe tee,
$42 / $33.98 by Wellen

Norse Projects Gotfred Normandy Stripe T-Shirt

Gotfred Normandy tee,
$120 by Norse Projects

Todd Snyder Portuguese Cotton Stripe T-Shirt

Portuguese cotton tee,
$88 by Todd Snyder

Entireworld Heavy Jersey Boxy Stripe T-Shirt

Heavy jersey “Boxy T,”
$45 by Entireworld

Bombas Pima Cotton Nautical Stripe T-Shirt

Pima cotton nautical stripe tee,
$36 by Bombas

Noah Oversized Stripe T-Shirt

Oversized stripe tee,
$78 by Noah

Carhartt Workwear Pocket Stripe T-Shirt

Workwear pocket tee,
$12.75 by Carhartt

Todd Magill Wilson Stripe T-Shirt

US-made Wilson tee,
$78 / $50.98 by Todd Magill

Gap 1969 Premium Stripe T-Shirt

1969 premium tee,
$58 / $23 by Gap

Sunspel Pima Cotton Breton Stripe T-Shirt

Pima cotton Breton stripe tee,
$90 / $72 by Sunspel

Saturdays NYC Brandon Stripe T-Shirt

Brandon stripe tee,
$75 / $45 by Saturdays NYC

Folded T-shirts

Make Room

Create more space by folding your T-shirts smaller and filing them vertically in a drawer so the folded “spines” are visible for quick retrieval.

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