Belts Are Back

Belts Are Back in a Big Way

10 bold belts that make for an unexpected fashion flex

Men's web belt

Five years ago, if you wanted to show you were a man who liked to have fun with his style, you pulled on some statement socks. The bold colors, quirky patterns and prints either whispered or shouted every time you crossed your legs. Today a pair of tie-dye socks would still be considered cool, but they don't assert the same sartorial confidence.

In 2020, it seems like belts are doing that way better. Now that we've embraced tucking in our shirts again—no disrespect, or maybe a little disrespect, to the shirts made to be untucked—a belt stands out just enough to make a subtle impression. Some have a streetwear edge or rugged outdoorsy vibe, others are more tame yet textured. The choice of how minimal or daring you want to be is up to you. To help you decide, we've pulled 10 of our current favorites.


Our Favorite Belts

A-Cold-Wall* Grid Webbing Belt

Grid webbing belt,
$149 by A-Cold-Wall*

A.P.C. x RTH Woven Belt

Woven belt,
$119 by A.P.C. x RTH

Hugo Boss Sash Braided Belt

Sash braided belt,
$138 by Hugo Boss

Guanabana Handmade Belt

Handmade belt,
$75 by Guanábana

Beltology Italian Leather Woven Belt

Italian leather woven belt,
$95 / $61.98 by Beltology

Mashburn + Bands of L.A. Handwoven D-Ring Belt

Handwoven D-ring belt,
$50 by Mashburn + Bands of L.A.

J.Crew Woven Belt

Woven belt,
$45 by J.Crew

Folk Teak Assembly Belt

Teak assembly belt,
$75 by Folk

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Sport D-Ring Belt

Polo Sport D-ring belt,
$75 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Heron Preston Tape Jacquard Belt

Tape jacquard belt,
$170 by Heron Preston

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