The New
Khaki Canon

The New
Khaki Canon

Updated ways to wear a timeless staple

Best men's khakis in 2021

There’s really no denying it—khaki pants are essential. The classic style has been the go-to uniform of professionals for decades. And they've been on the mind more as summer begins to wind down. Easy to dress up, solidly neutral and incredibly versatile, it just makes sense to invest in a few pairs. However, beige bottoms are no longer just tethered to the office—especially as the office has transitioned to mean a bedroom or cafe just as much as a cubicle. In the past, “khakis” commonly manifested in the form of twill chinos, but the style has slowly been branching out. Taking cues from recent formal dressing and workwear trends alike, the pants have adopted more contemporary fabrics, cuts and hues to adapt to the new rules of dressing.

Khakis and an oxford button-down will always be a solid look, but there are so many more ways to play around with the style. The best modern khakis have something that sets them apart from the otherwise uninspired crowd: A relaxed cut, or maybe some well-placed pleatage. Don't be afraid to switch it up, either. The beauty of the design is its ability to adapt to its surroundings. Sportier or relaxed takes could require a casual combination of sneakers and a tee, but an out-there dress shirt or cool blazer looks just as good with the right pair. Regardless of your desired dressing outcome, comfort should always be front of mind. Browse our selections for the best updated khakis below.


The Best Khaki Pants
in 2021

UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Comfort Pant

Ultra stretch comfort pant,
$39.90 by UNIQLO

COS Regular Fit Tapered Chino

Regular fit tapered chino,
$99 by COS

Alex Mill Flat Front Chino

Flat front chino,
$125 by Alex Mill

Topo Designs Dual Pant

Dual pant,
$129 by Topo Designs

Proof Straight Fit Rover Pant

Straight fit rover pant,
$98 by Proof

Lands End Sport Knit Elastic Waist Pant

Sport knit elastic waist pant,
$69.95 / $55.97 by Lands End

Faherty Comfort Twill 5-Pocket 2.0 Pant

Comfort twill 5-pocket 2.0 pant,
$128 by Faherty

Saturdays NYC Dean Trouser Pant

Dean trouser pant,
$195 by Saturdays NYC

Taylor Stitch Atelier and Repairs Chino

Atelier and repairs chino,
$220 by Taylor Stitch

Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Pleated Chino

Relaxed fit pleated chino,
$168 / $94.99 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Nike Sportswear Style Essential Pant

Sportswear style essential pant,
$85 by Nike

Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Prep Pant

'90s prep pant,
$69 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Todd Synder Japanese Relaxed Workwear Chino

Japanese relaxed workwear chino,
$248 by Todd Synder

Club Monaco Modern Citee Pant

Modern citee pant,
$169.50 / $119 by Club Monaco

Bonobos Off Duty Pant

The off duty pant,
$99 by Bonobos

Levi's XX EZ-Waist Chino Pant

XX EZ-waist chino pant,
$79.50 by Levi's

Buck Mason Slub Twill Officer Pant

Slub twill officer pant,
$105 by Buck Mason

Black and Blue

It’s truly hard to overstate how easy it is to pair khaki with almost anything. The style can even take seasonal cues—for the end of summer, get the most out of all those pastel polos and brightly-toned tops. As we transition into fall, don’t be afraid to lean darker—beyond the navy blue/khaki combo, a pair of khakis with a knit black polo or button down and some black derbys is a can’t-be-beat combo.

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