Shorts Guaranteed
to Keep Things Casually Cool

Best men's relaxed summer shorts in 2021

Shorts Guaranteed to Keep Things Casually Cool

It’s not too late to snag the perfect pair

Sun rays, lazy days and a down-for-whatever attitude ... Summer 2021 is holding strong, and your shorts game should be, too. Heavy jeans and work pants can wait until fall—right now, take the opportunity to let the legs breathe, free and uncovered like they should be.

Much like some of our favorite suits right now, the consensus is the more relaxed the short, the better. This doesn't have to mean messy or frumpy—below the knee cargo shorts need not apply! The best casual shorts of the season are effortlessly cool, sitting around the mid-thigh (or higher, if you're adventurous) for unimpeded movement. Comfortably roomy without being excessively large, summer-ready pairs shouldn't have to sacrifice support for style. Drawstrings are always a plus, as are extra pockets; after all, don't you need someplace to store all your every day carries? Beyond reinforcing relaxed fits, summer has taught us that some rules are meant to be broken. Don't be afraid to try pairing your chillest shorts with a dressier linen shirt, or even some loafers. Browse our selections of the best pairs of casual shorts for optimal summer socializing below.


Best Relaxed Shorts
for Men in 2021

Jacques Tennis Short

Tennis short,
$175 by Jacques

Todd Snyder + Champion Cut-Off Sweatshort

Cut-off sweatshort,
$138 / $79 by Todd Snyder + Champion

UNIQLO Chino Short

Chino short,
$29.90 by UNIQLO

Corridor Pincord Camp Short

Pincord camp short,
$148 / $103.60 by Corridor

Only NY Speed Nylon Track Short

Speed nylon track short,
$88 by Only NY

Urban Outfitters Recycled Cotton Lounge Short

Recycled cotton lounge short,
$29 by Urban Outfitters

Tracksmith Trackhouse Short

Trackhouse short,
$78 by Tracksmith

Taylor Stitch Traverse Short

The Traverse short,
$98 by Taylor Stitch

adidas Aeroready Warrior Short

Aeroready Warrior short,
$45 by adidas

Outdoor Voices Sunday Short

Sunday short,
$58 by Outdoor Voices

J.Crew Broke-In Oxford Lounge Short

Broken-in oxford lounge short,
$49.50 by J.Crew

Noon Goons Foamers Short

Foamers short,
$188 by Noon Goons

Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed All-Day Pull-On Short

Relaxed all-day pull-on short,
$59 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Nike ACG Cargo Short

ACG cargo short,
$105 by Nike

FourLaps Bolt Short

Bolt short,
$68 by FourLaps

Nike Sportswear Reissue Woven Short

Sportswear reissue woven short,
$70 by Nike

Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Pleated Chino Short

Relaxed fit pleated chino short,
$125 / $89.99 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Gap French Terry Tie-Dye Short

French terry tie-dye short,
$44.95 / $26.97 by Gap

NOAH Double Pleat Short

Double pleat short,
$228 by NOAH

General Admission Fatigue Short

Fatigue short,
$110 by General Admission

To Liner or
Not to Liner

Ah, the age-old quandary of the liner. Internal meshing can be a dealbreaker that cuts both ways, so take the time to check a pair’s features before pulling the trigger. Looking for shorts that will help you be comfy on the court or ready to run? Opt for a lined pair of athletic bottoms. Looking to lounge all day? Steer clear and stick to traditionally linerless sweatshorts or chinos.

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