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Best men's rugby shirts in 2021 Best men's rugby shirts in 2021

Fall Into

The long-sleeved look is the perfect top for a seasonal transition

All too quickly, summer shot by, and it can feel like we're left with a bit of the sartorial blues. Camp collars, short shorts, and open-toed shoes are soon to be packed back in the closet, lying patiently in wait for next spring. Goodnight, linen party shirt. Goodnight, 5” inch baggies. Fall can feel stale or full of hassle, with boring neutral colors and buttoned-up expectations and the layers ... by God, the layers! But! There are some upsides to the changing of seasons. Namely, the return of the rugby shirt. There may be a chill in the air, but this style continues to be red hot—a heavy-gauge, cotton-cut shirt, the rugby is the king of casual collars. Born from U.K. origins, this heavy shirt has been a staple in fall wardrobes for as long as “fall wardrobes” have been around. Built tough, the style allows for a variety of looks, ranging from preppy to workwear and back. Under a lightweight jacket, over an oxford button-down, or just simply on its lonesome, the style looks handsome and can dress up or down to your comfort level.

The saying “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” rings very much true for the rugby. The base formula is already a smash hit—a warm, heavy layer that hangs nicely on virtually any shoulders, with a collar, a button neck, and a penchant for looking fly. In 2021, the style skews casual—a boxy cut and loose fit is the modus operandi of some of the best rugby shirts of the season. However, that doesn't mean skater-chic is the only way to style the shirt. A pair of nice khakis and easy-wear loafers certainly create a well-dressed rugby fit. Keep your eyes peeled for a knit rugby, too. Much like the knit short-sleeve polo, a woven rugby can elevate any fall look without a boring button-up in the mix. Browse our picks for the best rugby shirts below.


The Best Men’s
Rugby Shirts in 2021

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear & Big Pony Rugby Shirt

Polo Bear & Big Pony rugby shirt,
$110 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Drakes Mock Collar Rugby T-Shirt

Mock collar rugby T-shirt,
$295 by Drake's

Lands End Long-Sleeve Stripe Rugby Shirt
Lands End Long-Sleeve Stripe Rugby Shirt

Long-sleeve stripe rugby shirt,
$69.95 by Land's End

Carhartt WIP Cord Collar Rugby Shirt

Cord collar rugby shirt,
$88 by Carhartt WIP

Stussy Andy Rugby Shirt

Andy rugby shirt,
$95 by Stüssy

Todd Snyder Plaid Rugby Polo

Plaid rugby polo,
$218 / $104 by Todd Snyder

Patagonia Long-Sleeve Lightweight Rugby Shirt

Long-sleeve lightweight rugby shirt,
$99 by Patagonia

XLARGE Zip Rugby Shirt
XLARGE Zip Rugby Shirt

Zip rugby shirt,
$95 / $24.99 by XLARGE

NOAH Zip Rugby Shirt

Zip rugby shirt,
$188 by NOAH

Ted Baker London Errands Rugby Shirt

Errands rugby shirt,
$149 by Ted Baker London

Tracksmith Elliot Rugby Shirt
Tracksmith Elliot Rugby Shirt

Elliot rugby shirt,
$128 by Tracksmith

Rowing Blazers Croquet Striped Rugby

Croquet striped rugby,
$195 by Rowing Blazers

Brooks Brothers Rugby Sweatshirt

Rugby sweatshirt,
$118 by Brooks Brothers

Daniel W. Fletcher Rugby Long-Sleeve Polo
Daniel W. Fletcher Rugby Long-Sleeve Polo

Rugby long-sleeve polo,
$280 by Daniel W. Fletcher

Nike Liverpool F.C. Skate Rugby Shirt
Nike Liverpool F.C. Skate Rugby Shirt

Liverpool F.C. skate rugby shirt,
$75 by Nike

Lacoste Striped Rugby Sweater

Striped rugby sweater,
$199 / $94.99 by Lacoste

Birdwell Beach Britches Noah Paisley Rugby Shirt

Noah paisley rugby shirt,
$168 by Birdwell Beach Britches

A Historic Past

Rugby shirts are named after their birthplace, in Rugby, England. Conceived in the 1800s as a heavy-gauge cotton sports shirt to keep the competitors in the newly created and highly physical game protected, the rugby shirt is built to withstand the demands of the sport. Traditionally woven with hoops, or horizontal strips, the classic style should by no means be confused with a polo shirt.

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