Maybe it’s because we’ve all felt so cooped up lately—some deep desire to reconnect with nature and “explore the great outdoors.” Perhaps it's because we've learned the value of things that are practical and durable. Or maybe it's just because classic hiking gear has been one of this season's biggest influences, according to designers. It certainly makes sense, considering the larger trend we're witnessing with technical and performance gear getting incorporated into our everyday wardrobes. Whatever the reason, we're here for it. Especially for spring, when the weather is unpredictable yet we feel the pull to get outside. So give us all the gorp-y goodness, the brighter and bolder, the better. We think you'll find they're easy to throw on and will enjoy the pop of color these lightweight jackets bring to otherwise understated fits. After all, just because this is serious outerwear, built to withstand serious conditions, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it.