Cardigans Add a
Layer of Cool

Cardigans Add a Layer of Cool

The best cardigans for staying in or going out

Best men's cardigans in 2021

Lambswool knitted color-block cardigan from COS ($125)

Maybe it’s all the ‘90s nostalgia as of late. Perhaps it's the fact that we're spending so much time lounging around the house and working from home. But suddenly cardigans are everywhere and cooler than ever. Which, in our opinion, is a great thing. These button-up (or occasionally zip-up) sweaters have the ability to upgrade anything you're wearing. Pull on a slim, solid style to look a whole lot more polished and put-together. Or throw on a relaxed, freaky patterned one for stylish of-the-moment vibes.

Treat your cardigan like a flannel replacement and layer it over a lightweight T-shirt, push the sleeves up, and pair it with some everyday chinos and sneakers. Or go for a big, chunky one and wear it over a denim shirt with your favorite boots like a genuine tough guy. Those work pants you saw your stylish friend wearing with loafers? These will look great with that fit too.

Go ahead and mix colors and prints. There's an easygoing elegance to wearing a cardigan—even if said sweater is loud and made to stand out. The key is finding one you love because you'll wear it a lot. Like for the rest of winter and probably all through the spring. Because this is your new wardrobe MVP.


Best Men’s Cardigans
in 2021

Billy Reid Frames Jacquard Cardigan Billy Reid Frames Jacquard Cardigan

Frames jacquard cardigan,
$398 by Billy Reid

Entireworld Fisherman's Cardigan

Fisherman's cardigan,
$185 by Entireworld

Monitaly Shaggy V-Neck Cardigan

Shaggy V-neck cardigan,
$455 by Monitaly

Sandro Varsity-Style Zip Cardigan Sandro Varsity-Style Zip Cardigan

Varsity-style zip cardigan,
$370 / $185 by Sandro

Needles Intarsia Mohair Cardigan

Intarsia mohair cardigan,
$455 by Needles

Comme des Garcons SHIRT Contrast Panel Cardigan

Contrast panel cardigan,
$149 by Comme des Garçons SHIRT

Wacko Maria Mohair Leopard Cardigan Wacko Maria Mohair Leopard Cardigan

Mohair leopard cardigan,
$555 by Wacko Maria

Cut in a blazer silhouette with horn buttons

Cotton-blend cardigan,
$298 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Inis Meain Cotton-Linen Jacket Cardigan

Cotton-linen jacket cardigan,
$575 by Inis Meáin

Zara Plaid Jacquard Cardigan Zara Plaid Jacquard Cardigan

Plaid jacquard cardigan,
$69.90 by Zara

UNIQLO U Sweat Cardigan

U Sweat cardigan,
$39.90 by UNIQLO

Pendleton Sonora Cardigan

Sonora cardigan,
$199 / $118.98 by Pendleton

COS Color-Block Cardigan COS Color-Block Cardigan

Color-block cardigan,
$125 by COS

Abercrombie & Fitch Shawl Cardigan Sweater

Shawl cardigan sweater,
$89 / $32.99 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Cardigan

Flexible insulated cardigan,
$249 by Snow Peak

Sweater Maintenance

After eight to ten wearings, your knitwear will be in need of a cleaning. Hand washing is actually the best way to preserve the look and feel. Here’s how to wash your sweaters at home.

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