The Cold Weather
Survival Kit

Cold weather men's clothing survival kit Cold weather men's clothing survival kit

The Cold Weather Survival Kit

What to wear to stay warm in style

If the temperatures haven’t dropped in your city yet, the day of reckoning is coming. Sunlight is dwindling, Christmas decorations are popping up, and it's time to pull the duffle bag out from under the bed to reevaluate sweaters and scarves that we'll rely on until Spring. But there are bright spots that provide a silver-lining during the cold months. Earlier sunsets mean earlier cocktails (and subsequent bed times). There's less guilt associated with canceling plans and staying home to binge on Netflix's Top 10. And, unlike last year, we've finally got plans that warrant new threads.

Retail statistics in 2020 were tough. Instead of wearing out our wallets we put holes in sweatpants and the elbows of old hoodies. The result of a shopping-less winter in 2020 is a closet full of clothes that are half stale and outdated, and the other half not fitting around our post-hibernated bodies.

So, before we close the chapter on 2021, it's time to examine staples that will keep us warm and cozy. Like a Manhattan to warm your soul, our recommendations are two parts timeless, one part function, and a dash of insulation.


Your 2021 Cold
Weather Survival Kit

A Sturdy Hat

Warm starts from the top down. Brighten up the dark winter days with a cozy wool beanie—the brighter it is, the less likely you are to lose it.

Classic fisherman beanie,
$28 by Huckberry

Huckberry Classic Fisherman Beanie

Classic fisherman beanie,
$28 by Huckberry

Pendleton Norfolk Parka

Norfolk parka,
$425 by Pendleton

Proof Volt Jacket

Volt jacket,
$298 by Proof

Insulated Outerwear

Make sure your coat is ready to work. Patagonia's insulated jacket is cut from durable Cascade Cloth, an innovative wool blend that's both warm and water resistant. Plus, it's more exciting than everyone else's jacket. Want even more warmth? Proof's new down jacket features a built-in heater. Three battery-powered heat panels and a metallic lining helps spread and store heat for up to eight hours.

Proof Volt Jacket

Volt jacket,
$298 by Proof

A Cashmere Sweater

Soft and warm are paramount when it comes to sweaters. Does it have to be cashmere? Of course not. But this ruggedly handsome cashmere pops—and can be dressed up and down, day after day.

Cashmere crew sweater,
$425 by rag & bone

A Quilted Vest

Finance bro to base camp, there's a reason Patagonia's vests are everywhere. Warm and timeless is a great combo that will never let you down.

Classic quilted vest,
$149 by Patagonia

Modern Wool Socks

Wool socks don't have to be chunky and loose. These wool-blend socks are plenty warm and can be worn with everything from boots and loafers to sneakers.

Wool blend socks,
$30 (for two pairs)
by Heron Preston for Calvin Klein

Gloves That Work

Cold weather will numb our hands quicker than any other body part and knit gloves leave a lot of room for icy air to seep in. Opt for high-quality leather gloves—this new brand makes cashmere-lined gloves with full palm touchscreen compatibility (meaning you'll never have to take them off).

Nappa leather touchscreen gloves,
$190 by Maestrale

Comfortable Boots

You could get specialty snow boots or you could get a pair that can be dressed up or worn rugged, while handling all the inclement weather you can throw at them. These brown boots will last years with the right care and effort, and the deerskin leather offers extreme comfort right out of the box.

Greyson lace-up boots,
$398 by Frye

Insulated House Shoes

The Birks and slides were fine when the weather was warm, but now you want something that will keep your toes nice and toasty. These moccasins are the official slippers of “But the fire is so delightful” this season.

Pile-lined hardsole slippers,
$49.95 by Minnetonka


Six of the top 10 coldest cities in the United States are located in either North or South Dakota. But the coldest? Fairbanks, Alaska.

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