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Best men's turtleneck sweaters in 2021 Best men's turtleneck sweaters in 2021

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The sophisticated sweater that you can’t live without

What’s one thing that John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Muhammed Ali and Sammy Davis Jr. all have in common? They once wore turtlenecks and looked so damn good doing it. Sure, a turtleneck may be a risk. But it's a risk worth taking. Why? They make any cold weather outfit look a bit cooler and gentlemanly.

Still on the fence about this sartorial staple? Let us ease your mind. Turtlenecks come in different fabrics—from jersey to a range of softs wools—and all sorts of textures from smooth to waffle or ribbed, to name a few. But the functionality remains the same: To keep you warm and comfortable. Since we're rounding autumn's corner into winter, we would recommend opting for a heavier knit. And like your favorite wine or buttery galette, the best turtlenecks this season come in rich, earthy colors.

Pull one on and you'll instantly feel dressed up without feeling overdressed—that's the power they have. Don't overthink this sweater. Pair it with a suit, an overcoat, some relaxed jeans, hell even with a military jacket. Bottom line, this sweater oozes sophistication and you can't deny that, even if you tried.


The Best Men’s
Turtlenecks in 2021

Stoffa Roll Neck
Stoffa Roll Neck

Roll neck,
$650 by Stòffa

Knickerbocker Heavy Rib Cotton Turtleneck Sweater

Heavy rib cotton turtleneck sweater,
$185 by Knickerbocker

Todd Snyder Striped Ribbed Turtleneck

Striped ribbed turtleneck,
$218 by Todd Snyder

Naadam Cashmere Fisherman Cable Turtleneck

Cashmere fisherman cable turtleneck,
$295 by Naadam

Ghiaia Cashmere Marinaio Cotton Turtleneck
Ghiaia Cashmere Marinaio Cotton Turtleneck

Marinaio cotton turtleneck,
$695 by Ghiaia Cashmere

Margaret Howell Wool Mock-Neck Sweater

Wool mock-neck sweater,
$280 by Margaret Howell

Banana Republic Waffle-Knit Shoulder-Button Sweater

Waffle-knit shoulder-button sweater,
$200 by Banana Republic

Buck Mason Rib Cotton Cashmere Seafarer Turtleneck

Rib cotton cashmere seafarer turtleneck,
$155 by Buck Mason

COS Merino Roll-Neck Sweater

Merino roll-neck sweater,
$99 by COS

Drakes Heavy Guage Submariner Roll Neck Jumper
Drakes Heavy Guage Submariner Roll Neck Jumper

Heavy guage submariner roll neck jumper,
$595 by Drake's

Inis Meain Ombre Boatbuilder Sweater
Inis Meain Ombre Boatbuilder Sweater

Ombré boatbuilder sweater,
$650 by Inis Meáin

Beams Plus Turtleneck Crew Sweat
Beams Plus Turtleneck Crew Sweat

Turtleneck crew sweat,
$129 by Beams Plus

Harmony Paris Lambswool Turtleneck

Lambswool turtleneck,
$255 by Harmony Paris

Nigel Cabourn Waffle Turtleneck

Waffle turtleneck,
$168 by Nigel Cabourn

Abercrombie & Fitch Oversized Mockneck

Oversized mockneck,
$69 by Abercrombie & Fitch

UNIQLO Cashmere Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Sweater

Cashmere turtleneck long-sleeve sweater,
$99.90 by UNIQLO

G-Star Constructed Wool Turtle Knit

Constructed wool turtle knit,
$150 by G-Star

Aurelien Extrafine Merino Rollneck

Extrafine merino rollneck,
$159 by Aurélien

Alex Mill Fisherman Cable Turtleneck Sweater

Fisherman cable turtleneck sweater,
$185 by Alex Mill

Officine Generale Seamless Turtleneck
Officine Generale Seamless Turtleneck

Seamless turtleneck,
$395 by Officine Gènèrale


Known as a turtleneck here in the States and Canada, in the U.K., it’s called a polo neck or roll-neck. And in Australia? A skivvy.

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