The Best Hoodies
at Any Price

The Best Hoodies at
Any Price

It’s a comfy, year-round staple, so find one that suits your style (and budget)

Best men's hoodies in 2022

There will always be debates on what some of the most foundational garments are in someone's closet, and the hoodie is arguably at the top of my list. No matter your interests, financial status or personal style, everyone looks good and feels good in one. Like a sturdier version of a trusty T-shirt, they go with everything and can be worn year-round, but now's the perfect time to layer with them. Since the autumn breeze is in full effect, pulling on a denim or leather jacket over a hooded sweatshirt is always a go-to style move. Other ways of styling would be underneath a topcoat, or even a thick Cowichan cardigan sweater—my only advice on what not to wear hoodies with is underneath blazers, this was such a horrific way to style them back in the early 2000s—it shouldn't have happened then and let's never bring it back, okay?

About ten years ago, it seemed like every great hoodie was made with French terry cotton—and they still are today. But vintage-inspired heftier fabrics like 14 ounce fleece, sturdier wool and loopwheel cottons suddenly feel very cool. There are also more contemporary takes like color-blocking, garment-dyed styles and front-split pockets (which is actually an ode to vintage hoodies as opposed to the often-seen kangaroo pockets). A garment like the hoodie has been around for a long time, so it's seen many iterations from slim-fit styles to boxy streetwear silhouettes, from heavy-duty fleece to refined knits. Your task now is to find the one that suits your tastes. And, luckily, it's my job to help steer you in the right direction.


The Best Men’s
Hoodies in 2022

Paratodo Co. 49 Alumni Hoodie

49 alumni hoodie,
$125 by Paratodo Co.

Madewell Pullover Hoodie

Pullover hoodie,
$82 by Madewell

A Kind of Guise Permanents Hoodie

Permanents hoodie,
$174 by A Kind of Guise

The Real McCoys 9oz Loopwheel Hoodie

9oz. loopwheel hoodie,
$218 by The Real McCoy's

Alex Mill Natural Indigo Hoodie

Natural indigo hoodie,
$165 by Alex Mill

Buck Mason Loopwheel Wool Hoodie
Buck Mason Loopwheel Wool Hoodie

Loopwheel wool hoodie,
$188 by Buck Mason

J.Crew Heritate 14oz Fleece Hoodie
J.Crew Heritate 14oz Fleece Hoodie

Heritage 14oz. fleece hoodie,
$128 / $49.50 by J.Crew

Stussy Contrast Stitch Label Hoodie

Contrast stitch label hoodie,
$140 by Stüssy

Knickerbocker Fleece Hoodie

Fleece hoodie,
$165 by Knickerbocker


Workaday Utility Hoodie

Utility hoodie,
$288 by Workaday

Reigning Champ Mid-Weight Terry Hoodie

Mid-weight terry hoodie,
$145 by Reigning Champ

Nanamica Yoke Sleeve Hoodie

Yoke sleeve hoodie,
$290 by Nanamica

Everlane Track Hoodie
Everlane Track Hoodie

Track hoodie,
$78 / $39 by Everlane

Industry of All Nations Color Block Hoodie

Color block hoodie,
$195 by Industry of All Nations

Satta Organic Cotton Hoodie

Organic cotton hoodie,
$145 / $115 by Satta

Darryl Brown DB Gym Hoodie

DB gym hoodie,
$145 by Darryl Brown

Lady White Co. Classic-Fit Hoodie

Classic-fit hoodie,
$185 by Lady White Co.

Los Angeles Apparel Garment Dyed 14oz Hoodie
Los Angeles Apparel Garment Dyed 14oz Hoodie

Garment dyed 14oz. hoodie,
$76 by Los Angeles Apparel

Taylor Stitch Fillmore Hoodie

Fillmore hoodie,
$138 by Taylor Stitch

Todd Snyder x Champion Sun-Faded Mid-Weight Hoodie

Sun-faded mid-weight hoodie,
$138 by Todd Snyder x Champion


According to ASKET, The Knickerbocker Knitting Company, later becoming Champion, created the first hoodie in the 1930s. The University of Michigan noticed the durability and functionality of Knickerbocker's undergarments and invited the company in 1934 to create the first collegiate hooded sweatshirt for the university.

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