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The Best Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

Best men's long-sleeve t-shirts in 2022 Best men's long-sleeve t-shirts in 2022

The Best

The unsung layering
hero for Fall

It’s officially autumn—let the layering commence. But while there's always talk of swapping out our polos and tropical shirts for something more substantial, there's never any talk about what's underneath. I'm here to sing the praises of the long-sleeve tee. The easygoing knit shirt makes for an ideal cover for transitional weather when breezy evenings are still too warm for sweaters but a touch too chilly for short-sleeves. I wear long-sleeve tees year-round because I run cold almost all the time. But it's always the perfect weighted top for your WFH wardrobe (or casual in-person office fits).

An essential for everyone's wardrobe, you can wear them with shorts, jeans or chinos, and even dress them up a bit with suits. If you're going to wear it by itself, you should size up as this type of silhouette looks better when it's more relaxed. If you're going to layer with an unstructured blazer or overshirt, then your usual size will do. Think of them as lightweight sweatshirts and wear them like your go-to crewneck. Whenever styling these, feel free to let them hang over your wrist, or if you're cooking dinner for the evening, don't be afraid to push them up.

For me, the ideal long-sleeve T-shirt has a structured neckline and borderline mock-neck that stays on the neck, even after washing. Another detail is a finished hemline at the waist, so it rests just below your belt, and ribbed sleeves at the wrists are a must if you're going to wear this fitted—if you're sporting an oversized look, then a raw-edged wrist works even better for a nonchalant style. With all the different options out there, we've selected a few to help guide you in the right direction. Take your pick.


The Best Men’s
Long-Sleeve T-Shirts
in 2022

Noah Jet Sleeve T-Shirt

Jet sleeve T-shirt,
$98 by Noah

Houdini Sportswear Ms Cover Crew T-Shirt

M's cover crew T-shirt,
$100 by Houdini Sportswear

Stussy Pigment Dyed Long-Sleeve Crew T-Shirt

Pigment dyed
long-sleeve crew T-shirt,
$65 by Stüssy

Nanamica Coolmax St. Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Coolmax St. Jersey
long-sleeve T-shirt,
$130 by Nanamica

J.Crew Relaxed Premium-Weight Cotton Pocket T-Shirt

Relaxed premium-weight
cotton pocket T-shirt,
$59.50 / $29.50 by J.Crew

Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Cotton Long-Sleeve Classic Pocket T-Shirt
Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Cotton Long-Sleeve Classic Pocket T-Shirt

Indigo dipped cotton
long-sleeve classic pocket T-shirt,
$60 by Buck Mason


Los Angeles Apparel Heavy Jersey T-Shirt
Los Angeles Apparel Heavy Jersey T-Shirt

8.5 oz. heavy jersey T-shirt,
$36 by Los Angeles Apparel

Aime Leon Dore Tonal Logo Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Tonal logo long-sleeve T-shirt,
$95 by Aimé Leon Dore

Everlane Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew T-Shirt

long-sleeve crew T-shirt,
$60 by Everlane

Knickerbocker Lodge T-Shirt

Lodge T-shirt,
$105 by Knickerbocker

Todd Snyder LA-Made Slub Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

LA-made slub long-sleeve T-shirt,
$78 by Todd Snyder

Alex Mill Standard Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Alex Mill Standard Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Standard long-sleeve T-shirt,
$78 by Alex Mill


Sunspel Classic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Classic long-sleeve T-shirt,
$95 by Sunspel

imogene + willie Long-Sleeve Crew T-Shirt

Long-sleeve crew T-shirt,
$72 by imogene + willie

Reception Long-Sleeve Rugby T-Shirt

Long-sleeve rugby T-shirt,
$130 by Reception

Lady White Co. Long-Sleeve Rugby T-Shirt
Lady White Co. Long-Sleeve Rugby T-Shirt

Long-sleeve rugby T-shirt,
$100 by Lady White Co.

Standard Issue Tees Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Standard long-sleeve T-shirt,
$40 by Standard Issue Tees

Jungmaven Pavones Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Pavones long-sleeve T-shirt,
$62 by Jungmaven

SOZO Classic Long-Sleeve Heavyweight T-Shirt

Classic long-sleeve
heavyweight T-shirt,
$78 by SOZO

Taylor Stitch Hemp Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Hemp long-sleeve T-shirt,
$58 by Taylor Stitch

How to care for
your long-sleeve tees?

No matter the fabric, always wash on cold, then hang to dry. This will preserve the fibers in your garments, and since it’s not going in the dryer, shrinking and pilling will be prevented.

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