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Some Huaraches

Best men's huarache sandals in 2022

Slide Into Some Huaraches

The old school woven sandals have never felt cooler

We live in an enlightened time, when it comes to menswear anyway. There's no longer one way of dressing or a single, narrow path to what's considered good style. Nowadays, it's more about embracing what feels good and what looks good on you. We're all for it, since it opens up all sorts of new things to try. Like huaraches. The Mexican woven leather sandals seem to be having a moment but, of course, they've been around forever.

The footwear actually dates back to the pre-Columbian era—traced to the rural communities of Yucatan, Michoacan and Jalisco. Every region in Mexico specializes in different huarache styles, often influenced by an area's terrain and climate. Once mostly associated with Mexico's farm workers, the huarache took off in the States in the 1960s. The sandals were name-checked in both Kerouac's On the Road and the Beach Boys' summer smash “Surfin' U.S.A.” Soon, the woven slip-ons were standard issue for hippies, surfers and artists—or anyone who wanted to align with that insouciant lifestyle.

The shoes themselves toe an interesting line. They're at once rugged and refined. Cut from tough strips of leather, these are durable sandals meant to get beat up and dragged through sand and dirt only to come out still looking sharp. Yes, they're masculine but the intricate woven patterns are almost dainty. Paired with some cuffed chinos or a pair of shorts, they show so much anima that a guy comes off looking like a badass. Here, we've pulled a few of our favorite pairs.


The Best Men’s
Huaraches in 2022

León Suede Huarache

These are the softest huaraches you'll ever wear. They're cut from roughcut leather for a suede look (with the comfy smooth side is next to your foot). Plus, the rubber crepe outsole requires zero break-in time.

$130 by LUCA

Leo Woven
Leather Huarache

This is a more substantial pair, woven from Yuketen's original vegetable-tanned leather in a basketweave construction. A soft leather footbed and midsole sits on top of Vibram's US-made 2060 outsole.

$231 by Yuketen

Cushioned Colorblock

Handwoven craftsmanship meets sustainability in Nisolo's top-selling model. The lightweight sandals feature water-resistant leather and a shock-absorbing foam midsole, all produced with 0% net carbon.

$150 by Nisolo

Chamula Cancun

Monitaly's Chamula branch worked with a producer in Mexico to make the most classic huaraches possible. Then they updated them with an all-black colorway and thick, soft rubber and foam sole inspired by the tire rubber used in some traditional huaraches.

$135 by Monitaly

Black Leather

The most affordable pair on the list, these are still handcrafted in Mexico with a traditional top-grain leather weave. They're grounded with a triple layered sole for all-day comfort, cushion and durability. Plus, the black-on-tan color scheme is pretty sharp.

$99 by Dandy Del Mar

Eternal Slip-on

Espiritu makes classic huaraches (all crafted by native Mexican artisans), but the California company is also innovating with more modern designs like these slip-ons. Available in a range of colors, they're made using vegetable-based dyes and recycled rubber soles that mold to your exact foot shape, becoming softer every time you wear them.

$85 by Espiritu


Many shoes claim to be huaraches, but they are only considered traditional huaraches if they are handmade, and have a woven-leather form in the upper.

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