Summer’s Best Sneakers

Summer’s Best Sneakers

A seasonal staple that never goes out of style

Best men's white sneakers in 2022

Vans, Converse, Stan Smiths and Common Projects are the Mount Rushmore of white sneakers. They're crisp, clean and available in different materials and price points—these shoes are easy to pair, easy to wear. Each summer, there's always an internal battle with me: Do I invest in a nice pair of leather kicks or purchase an affordable pair in a nice canvas material and wear them to death?

A great pair of white sneakers can add a relaxed air to an otherwise sophisticated suit for summer weddings, but they must be clean and scuff-free. They also look cool with a bit more character to them. A pair of old school Jack Purcells or even Sperrys look amazing with scuffs and a few dirt marks—it really shows the summer that was before fall begins.

I guess what I'm saying here is that there's no wrong way to wear the white sneaker. After all, it's a classic for a reason, right? If you're in the market for white sneakers to last beyond this summer, then a leather pair will do the trick. But there's something to be said for the easygoing breathability and comfort of canvas. Perhaps the best white sneakers are ones that you like the most. To help you pick, we've selected a few in a range of different fabrics and price points, so take your pick.


The Best
Sneakers in 2022

SeaVees Legend Canvas Sneaker

Legend canvas sneaker,
$78 by SeaVees

Vans Authentic Canvas Sneaker

Authentic canvas sneaker,
$60 by Vans

Converse Jack Purcell Leather Sneaker

Jack Purcell leather sneaker,
$70 by Converse

Reebok Club C 85 Leather Sneaker

Club C 85 leather sneaker,
$75 by Reebok

adidas Stan Smith Leather Sneaker

Stan Smith leather sneaker,
$95 by adidas

Veja Esplar Leather Sneaker

Esplar leather sneaker,
$140 by Veja


Nike Waffle Debut Leather Sneaker

Waffle Debut leather sneaker,
$70 by Nike

Shoes Like Pottery 01-JP Hi Canvas Sneaker

01-JP hi canvas sneaker,
$165 by Shoes Like Pottery

Koio Retro Runner Leather Sneaker

Retro runner leather sneaker,
$295 by Koio

Sperry Striper II CVO Canvas Sneaker

Striper II CVO canvas sneaker,
$59.95 by Sperry

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneaker

Original Achilles leather sneaker,
$410 by Common Projects

Oliver Cabell Vegan 481 Leather Sneaker

Vegan 481 leather sneaker,
$188 / $159 by Oliver Cabell


Pangaia Grape Leather Sneaker

Grape leather sneaker,
$195 by Pangaia

GREATS Union Canvas Sneaker

The Union canvas sneaker,
$149 by GREATS

Fear of God Vintage Tennis Leather Sneaker

Vintage tennis leather sneaker,
$595 / $303 by Fear of God

Everlane Forever Canvas Sneaker

The Forever canvas sneaker,
$65 by Everlane

Unmarked Handcrafted Lucas Leather Sneaker

Lucas leather sneaker,
$220 by Unmarked Handcrafted

OluKai Laeahi Li lli Convertible Leather Sneaker

Lae'ahi Li 'Ili
convertible leather sneaker,
$140 by OluKai

Keep ’em Clean

White sneakers get dirty, but if you want to give them a new life occasionally then a nice cleaning kit will do the job. A premium cleansing solution like Jason Markk’s will remedy any stains. Paired with a durable brush, your kicks will be cleaned all the way from the eyelets to the outsole—just wipe down, brush off and let dry to restore and refresh.

Essential kit, $18 by Jason Markk

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