The Best Leather
Work Bags

Best leather work bags for men in 2023

The Best Leather Work Bags

The workaday carry-alls that are fit for a boss

Our work bags are now working harder than ever. First, we've got a lot to carry. From laptops and tablets to notebooks, pens and cameras—maybe even a water bottle, book and some gym clothes. Maybe you pack your lunch if you're the health-conscious type. And now that so many jobs are a combination of working in the office and from home, it means that we're lugging this stuff to and fro a whole lot more than we used to. This is why the bag you choose matters.

Sure, you can use any old bag. But a man's work bag says a lot about him. Why put effort into your daily outfit if your bag is going to bring down your personal style? When you walk into a meeting and set down your bag, you've already made a statement. So you want it to be fashionable, interesting and well-suited to your personal style. And call us old fashioned, but a proper work bag should be leather. There's an inherent boss quality to a well-made leather bag.

But it's also got to work for you. The wrong bag for your needs can make your commute all the more excruciating. Who wants a bag that can't hold all the stuff you need? If you're the type that's constantly reaching for your earbuds or lip balm, make sure there are handy pockets. Are you okay holding a briefcase in your hands or do you want a shoulder strap? Maybe you want ultimate utility (and weight distribution) and require a grown-up backpack.

The great news is that there are now so many great bags that are as handsome as they are purposeful. You no longer need to choose between fashion and function. But you do need to choose the type of work bag that suits your needs. From totes and slings to briefcases and backpacks, the Valet. team rounded up some of our favorite upgrades. The ones we'd like to bring to the office each day.


The Best Men’s
Leather Bags in 2023

Tote Bags

Totes have definitely taken off in the last few years. Upgrade from your flimsy yet cultured New Yorker or NPR tote to one of these more structured and organized options. Some also come with a shoulder strap for when you've got a lot to haul.

RRL Leather tote

Leather tote,
$895 by RRL

Banana Republic Factory Leather travel tote

Leather travel tote,
$220 by Banana Republic Factory

Miansai Slim leather tote

Slim leather tote,
$225 by Miansai

Bonastre Rope leather shopping tote

Rope leather shopping tote,
$860.27 by Bonastre


Think briefcases are just for serious or important businessmen? And what makes you think you're not serious or important? These aren't the latched suitcase style briefcases of your grandfather's generation. They're softer and more suited to the styles of a man in 2023.

Slim leather traveler briefcase,
$795 by Shinola

Troubadour Pathfinder slim leather briefcase

Pathfinder slim
leather briefcase,
$795 by Troubadour

Tecovas Presidio leather briefcase

Presidio leather briefcase,
$375 / $279 by Tecovas

Maverick & Co. Manhattan leather briefcase

Manhattan leather briefcase,
$279 by Maverick & Co.

R.M. Williams Leather briefcase

Leather briefcase,
$509 by R.M. Williams



Like the ones you remember from your college days, but a little more sophisticated. They're rugged and ready for anything.

WP Standard Meridian leather messenger bag

Meridian leather messenger bag,
$348 by WP Standard

Nisolo Loreto leather messenger bag

Loreto leather messenger bag,
$300 by Nisolo

Mulberry Anthony leather messenger bag

Anthony leather messenger bag,
$995 / $796 by Mulberry

The Frye Company Logan leather messenger bag

Logan leather messenger bag,
$578 by The Frye Company


If you've got a lot to carry, then there's no easier way to haul it all than in a backpack. Thankfully, there are some seriously stylish options out there with plenty of built-in organization and optimization to make your daily shlep anything but burdensome.

Krane Design Vimy leather backpack

Vimy leather backpack,
$592 by Krane Design

Reiss Drew leather zipped backpack

Drew leather zipped backpack,
$330 by Reiss

Tanner Goods Holton leather backpack

Holton leather backpack,
$780 / $546 by Tanner Goods

Paul Smith Embossed leather backpack

Embossed leather backpack,
$825 by Paul Smith

the Inside

Keep a mindful eye on your carryall’s contents. Once a week, take everything out of your bag and flip it upside down to shake out any dust, dirt and inexplicable debris that has accumulated.

What about a
bag within a bag?

Carrying a work bag on your commute is one thing; however, staying organized on the inside is another. Halfday’s travel tech kit keeps all your chargers, earbuds and laptop cords tangle-free. The exterior is water-resistant, and the entire case opens flat for easy access thanks to the elastic and mesh organizers.

Sidekick tech kit,
$45 by Halfday

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