The Best Fleeces
at Any Price

Best men's fleeces in 2023

The Best Fleeces at Any Price

Full-zip, half-zip—we have you covered

Fleeces have been a menswear go-to winter-layering option for the past few seasons and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. GORPcore and sustainability being among fashion's biggest buzzwords certainly helped bring this trusted outdoor item back to prominence. Once worn only by mountain climbers in the most brutally cold conditions, the fluffy layers now come in a range of styles. And bonus ... many brands needing to minimize their carbon footprint began creating fleeces out of recyclable materials like paper and plastic.

What makes this synthetic top a must-have? The versatility is unmatched compared to other winter layers like wool sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans. Fleeces now come in funky colors and fuzzy fabrics that are either full-zip or half-zip sweaters or jackets. A fleece is comfortable, yes, but it is also something that you don't have to think about—throw one on with a pair of sweats, chinos or jeans, and you're out the door. They even look excellent with a topcoat, dad cap and shades. We've rounded up nearly two dozen of the best ones in a range or price points and colors.


The Best Men’s
Fleeces in 2023

Sunspel Wool Fleece Jacket

Wool fleece jacket,
$595 by Sunspel

Norse Projects Frederik Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

Frederik full-zip
fleece jacket,
$325 by Norse Projects

Crafted of 100% recycled polyester and is fair trade certified sewn.

Retro pile fleece jacket,
$149 by Patagonia

Ten Thousand Sherpa Tech Fleece Jacket

Sherpa tech fleece jacket,
$158 by Ten Thousand

Adsum Expedition Fleece Jacket

Expedition fleece jacket,
$215 / $130 by Adsum

Aime Leon Dore Unisphere Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

Unisphere full-zip
fleece jacket,
$325 by Aimé Leon Dore

Taylor Stitch Port Fleece Jacket
Taylor Stitch Port Fleece Jacket

The Port fleece jacket,
$198 by Taylor Stitch


Handmade in Türkiye from soft-to-the-touch Casentino wool.

Casentino half-zip
fleece pullover,
$300 by Percival

Gramicci Sherpa Fleece Jacket

Sherpa fleece jacket,
$180 / $153 by Gramicci

Drakes Boucle Wool Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

Bouclé wool
full-zip fleece jacket,
$575 by Drake's

Woolrich Curly Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

Curly full-zip fleece jacket,
$260 / $155 by Woolrich

Nanamica Vintage Wool Fleece Jacket

Vintage wool fleece jacket,
$550 / $385 by Nanamica

Everlane Renew Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
Everlane Renew Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

The Renew
full-zip fleece jacket,
$98 by Everlane


18East Echo Half-Zip Fleece Pullover
18East Echo Half-Zip Fleece Pullover

Echo half-zip
fleece pullover,
$175 by 18East

Two jackets for the price of one: a cozy fleece on one side and a nylon weather-resistant jacket on the other.

Sherpa fleece jacket,
$169 by Topo Designs

Satta Ovo Fleece Jacket

Ovo fleece jacket,
$210 by Satta

Snow Peak Wool Fleece Jacket

Wool fleece jacket,
$309.95 / $154.97 by Snow Peak

Universal Works Full-Zip Fleece Liner Jacket

Full-zip fleece
liner jacket,
$234 by Universal Works

Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Jacket
Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket,
$188 / $139.99 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Cozy Up With Fleece

Cozy Up With Fleece

Who says you have to wear fleece outside? Made from a custom triple-layer fleece with a hood and generous front pockets, get comfortable on the couch in this boxing-inspired robe.

Cabin fleece hooded robe,
$220 by Reigning Champ

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