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The Best Black Denim Under $100

The Best
Black Denim Under $100

Budget friendly black jeans for any wallet

Best men's affordable black denim in 2023

There’s always been something so “punk” about black denim. To some, it symbolizes that you're going against the grain since the jeans aren't the traditional blue. I know a lot of guys that steer clear from black denim because they have thoughts like, “what do I wear with them? Will they get insanely linty?” Black denim is often my first choice because they're so easy to wear—they look great with just about everything, especially anything in a navy-blue wheelhouse. Also, if you have to dress up for a special occasion, black denim is the answer; they make your legs look slimmer, are an excellent substitute for dress pants on more laid back occasions, and they patina just as well as blue denim—if not even better.

Of course, well-made black jeans often come with an expensive price tag because of where and how they are made. Things like specific needle stitching and the type of cotton being used can quickly jack the price up. But it doesn't always have to be that way, especially if you're looking to dip your toe into the black denim game. There are now some excellent pairs that you can pick up for well under a hundred bucks. We've pulled together a few of the best and most affordable black jeans right now, so take your pick. Just make sure you try them on so that you're happy with the look and feel—there are few things worse than ill-fitting jeans.


The Best Men’s
Black Jeans Under $100

There’s a reason why these have been around for 150 years.

501 original-fit jean,
$79.50 by Levi's

Abercrombie & Fitch Straight-Fit Jean

Straight-fit jean,
$70 / $56 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Gap 90s Straight-Fit Selvedge Jean

'90s straight-fit
selvedge jean,
$99 by Gap

Inspired by a pair of ’50s denim.

Classic straight-fit jean,
$128 / $89.60 (w/code REFRESH)
by J.Crew

UNIQLO Stretch Selvedge Slim-Fit Jean

Stretch selvedge
slim-fit jean,
$49.90 by UNIQLO

Everlane Relaxed 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean

Relaxed 4-way
stretch organic jean,
$98 by Everlane


Nudie Jeans Gritty Jackson Jean

Gritty Jackson jean,
$135 / $99 by Nudie Jeans

Wrangler Relaxed Straight-Leg Jean

Relaxed straight-leg jean,
$54 / $39.97 by Wrangler

Madewell Slim-Fit Jean

Slim-fit jean,
$115 / $91.99 by Madewell

H&M Loose-Fit Jean

Loose-fit jean,
$29.99 by H&M

L.L. Bean Double L Jean

Double L jean,
$59.95 by L.L. Bean

Mango Ben Tapered Cropped Jean

Ben tapered cropped jean,
$69.99 / $35.99 by Mango

ARKET Coast Relaxed Tapered Jean

Coast relaxed tapered jean,
$99 by ARKET

Made from 100% recycled cotton.

Regular-fit tapered jean,
$99 by COS

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This sophisticated lint roller from Puebco will get the job done on all your darker clothes and look great on your dresser. Made of steel and aluminum, its unique structure keeps the tape from sticking to any surface the roller is on.

Lint roller,
$32 by Puebco

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