The Best Anoraks
at Any Price

Best men's anorak jackets for spring in 2023

The Best Anoraks
at Any Price

The spring jacket
you need right now

When it comes to choosing your outerwear for the unpredictability of spring, you're often forced to side with either fashion or function. But anoraks meet you in the middle. They're lightweight, easy to throw on and excellent at shielding you from the wind while keeping those raindrops at bay. Think of them like your favorite hoodie, only waterproof.

An anorak is a sporty yet casual piece that somehow works with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Throw one on over your work outfit or tie it around your waist on the weekend as the temperature fluctuates—this thing can work in nearly every situation. As vintage '90s fashions continue to surge, this is one of those pieces from that era that's worth bringing back. They come in a slew of colors and patterns, but the real question is going to be what shade and style best suits your style (and budget)?

Typically, you'll have a hood, some zippers or buttons to protect your neck and a large kangaroo pocket to store your necessary essentials. Some brands have recontextualized the jacket by substituting bungee drawstrings to adjust the neck and instead of one oversized pouch, two separate but subtle pockets at either the chest or waistline. If it's been a while since you've pulled one on, we suggest giving it a try. You'll be surprised at how much you end up wearing it. Here are some of the best options for the season. Take your pick.


The Best Men’s
Anoraks in 2023

Made of a hardwearing hemp ripstop that’s excellent for outdoor adventures.

Shoreline anorak,
$211 by Jungmaven

Reigning Champ Jide Hybrid Anorak

Jide hybrid anorak,
$340 by Reigning Champ

Filson Ranger Anorak

A version modeled after mountaineers
and WWII-era troops.

Ranger anorak,
$275 by Filson

J.Crew Hooded Rugby Anorak

Hooded rugby anorak,
$138 / $79.50 by J.Crew

Rains Polyurethane Coated Anorak Jacket

Polyurethane coated
$140 by Rains

Patagonia Funhoggers Cotton Anorak Pullover

Funhoggers cotton
$149 by Patagonia


Carhartt WIP Windbreaker Anorak Pullover

Windbreaker anorak,
$228 by Carhartt WIP

Drake's Waxed Cotton Surf Cagoule Anorak

Inspired by preppy jackets in the 1970s and ’80s.

Waxed cotton
surf cagoule,
$760 by Drake’s

The North Face Anatora Anorak
The North Face Anatora Anorak

Anatora anorak,
$130 by The North Face

Mountain Hardwear Stryder Anorak
Mountain Hardwear Stryder Anorak

Stryder anorak,
$110 by Mountain Hardwear

C.P. Company Chrome-R Anorak

Chrome-r anorak,
$545 by C.P. Company

Engineered Garments Cagoule Anorak Shirt Jacket

Cagoule shirt jacket,
$324 by Engineered Garments


Norse Projects Herluf Light Nylon Anorak

Herluf light nylon anorak,
$325 by Norse Projects

Battenwear Packable Anorak

Packable anorak,
$310 by Battenwear

Gap Pullover Hooded Anorak

A classic-looking anorak with an adjustable drawstring at the neckline and a kangaroo pocket.

Pullover hooded anorak,
$74.99 / $37.49 (w/code GOSHOP)
by Gap

Goldwin Packable Light Anorak

Packable light anorak,
$660 by Goldwin

Frizimworks Durable Essential Anorak

Durable essential anorak,
$259 / $130 by Frizimworks

Satta Cotton-Poplin Anorak Jacket
Satta Cotton-Poplin Anorak Jacket

Cotton-poplin anorak,
$260 by Satta

Snow Peak Light Mountain Anorak Parka

Light mountain parka,
$174.95 by Snow Peak

L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Anorak

Mountain classic anorak,
$59 by L.L. Bean

Anoraq hood illustration

Who created
the anorak?

The Inuits invented the anorak back in the 1930s out of practicality. The jacket’s name derives from the Greenland Eskimo word “anoraq”, referring to a weatherproof jacket with a piece to cover the head.

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