The Best Waxed Jackets at Any Price

The Best Waxed Jackets at Any Price

Handsome, durable and built for in-between seasons

Best waxed jackets for men in 2023

Spring is technically here, but that doesn't mean the weather hasn't been all over the place lately. Some days it's warm and sunny, and other days are cold and rainy—you may already have tucked away your winter coats for the season, so what jacket do you reach for now? Waxed jackets are the best year-round outerwear options, especially as the seasons are slowly transitioning.

Why? Because they're light yet substantial and tailor-made for keeping you dry. Look for cotton-waxed fabrics because they conform to your body and are easy to keep clean—most cleaning instructions say to spot-clean, and I can't think of a more dummy-proof way to keep a garment clean. Some styles are even blanket-lined, adding extra warmth whenever the cold becomes too much to handle, yet maintaining breathability to keep you from overheating. Also, the materials are durable, but the pockets on waxed jackets are lined to keep your hands warm, and some also have a bunch to keep your EDC secured, a utilitarian attribute I love about waxed jackets.

Styling these is easy: Throw them over your favorite thermal or fisherman's sweater now and an oxford cloth button-down or tee later in the season. When you don't feel like carrying an umbrella or forget it, that signature waxed coating provides plenty of protection from precipitation. And the more you wear it, the more the wax wears off—you'll soon notice a completely personal, worn-in patina. Ready to get waxed? We've rounded up 18 styles for you.


The Best Men’s
Waxed Jackets in 2023

A waxed jacket modeled after vintage motorcycle outerwear.

Clutch jacket,
$398 by Taylor Stitch

Filson Tin Cloth Work Jacket

Tin cloth work jacket,
$345 by Filson

A Days March Stour Waxed Jacket

Stour waxed jacket,
$290 by A Day's March

Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat

Waxed bond peacoat,
$698 by Billy Reid

Buck Mason Dry Waxed Canvas N1 Deck Jacket

Dry waxed canvas
N1 deck jacket,
$298 by Buck Mason

Todd Snyder English Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket
Todd Snyder English Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket

English oil cloth
cruiser jacket,
$498 by Todd Snyder

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket
Rogue Territory Supply Jacket

Supply jacket,
$425 by Rogue Territory

One of These Days Trucker Jacket

Trucker jacket,
$330 by One of These Days

As seen in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’.

waxed trucker jacket,
$298 by Flint and Tinder


Polo Ralph Lauren Oilcloth Jacket

Oilcloth jacket,
$598 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Schott NYC Waxed Cotton Hunting Jacket

Waxed cotton hunting jacket,
$245 by Schott NYC

Madewell Waxed Cotton Work Jacket
Madewell Waxed Cotton Work Jacket

Waxed cotton work jacket,
$168 / $89.99 by Madewell

Peregrine Bexley Waxed Jacket
Peregrine Bexley Waxed Jacket

Bexley waxed jacket,
$320 by Peregrine

Best Made Waxed Cotton Jacket

Waxed cotton jacket,
$299.50 by Best Made

L.L. Bean Double L Waxed Cotton Jacket

Double L
waxed cotton jacket,
$249 by L.L. Bean


Woolrich Work Duster Jacket

Work duster jacket,
$450 / $270 by Woolrich

Toast Waxed Cotton Anorak Jacket

Waxed cotton anorak jacket,
$615 by Toast

Waxed jackets are synonymous with Barbour, hell they were the first to invent them.

Bedale waxed jacket,
$395 by Barbour

Want to rewax
your jacket at home?

Want to rewax
your jacket at home?

Has your wax worn off on your jacket? Or does it need a thorough cleaning (but not in the washing machine)? The good folks at Huckberry can lead you through keeping your waxed piece in peak condition.

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