Summer’s Laidback
Staple Shirt

Best men's camp collar shirts in 2023

Summer’s Laidback Staple Shirt

Camp collar shirts are an icon of relaxed style

Plain and simple: A camp collar shirt looks good. With its flowy fabric and slightly boxy silhouette, the shirt is naturally nonchalant and designed to be cool. Unbuttoned poolside or loosely buttoned for a summer date night, it's long been synonymous with vacations but has been happily embraced by menswear aficionados for everyday wear during the summer. I know you might be thinking, “Not another camp collar suggestion,” and we get it, but maybe it's time to refresh the styles you already own. And if, for some reason, you've been avoiding them, allow us to make a fresh case. Because they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

While I'm not the person to reach for a bold print, summer is the time to test the waters with wackier patterns—especially by the pool. If your shirt is unbuttoned to your belly button, you're already giving off the vibe that you don't take this fashion thing too seriously, so go headfirst with something crazy. But here's the beauty of this shirt: You can be as loud or as reserved as you want. Smooth and subtle, tucked in under a suit? We've got you. Prefer something embroidered or lacey, with a tank underneath? Those are big now, too. And with plenty of classic conversation-worthy patterns, there's a camp collar shirt for any style and situation. From your favorite swim shorts to some beat-up jeans, these shirts are surprisingly adaptable and can be worn with just about anything in your closet. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorites in a range of prices and patterns.


The Best Men’s
Camp Collar Shirts
in 2023

Abercrombie & Fitch Linen camp collar shirt

Linen camp collar shirt,
$60 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Madewell Easy embroidered camp collar shirt

Easy embroidered camp collar shirt,
$89.50 by Madewell

Taylor Stitch Embroidered Hawthorne camp collar shirt
Taylor Stitch Embroidered Hawthorne camp collar shirt

Embroidered Hawthorne camp collar shirt,
$138 by Taylor Stitch

NN07 Julio camp collar shirt
NN07 Julio camp collar shirt

Julio camp collar shirt,
$220 by NN07

Buck Mason Draped twill camp collar shirt

Draped twill camp collar shirt,
$118 by Buck Mason

A featherweight seersucker style with a vintage vibe.

Seersucker camp collar shirt,
$89.50 by J.Crew


Todd Snyder Embroidered camp collar shirt

Embroidered camp collar shirt,
$198 by Todd Snyder

Universal Works Indigo-dyed camp collar shirt

Indigo-dyed camp collar shirt,
$195 by Universal Works

Artist Charlotte Gosch created a new print for Sunspel in a soft cotton poplin.

Camp collar shirt,
$275 by Sunspel x Charlotte Gosch

Bode Geo Poppy camp collar shirt
Bode Geo Poppy camp collar shirt

Geo Poppy camp collar shirt,
$490 by Bode

Alex Mill Camp collar shirt

Camp collar shirt,
$135 by Alex Mill

No Maintenance Ley lace camp collar shirt

The perfect option to wear open with a requisite “wife pleaser”.

Ley lace camp collar shirt,
$168 by No Maintenance


Levis Sunset camp collar shirt

Sunset camp collar shirt,
$69.50 by Levi's

Save Khaki United Oxford camp collar shirt

Oxford camp collar shirt,
$140 by Save Khaki United

Knickerbocker Linen ribeira camp collar shirt

Linen ribeira camp collar shirt,
$195 by Knickerbocker

Tropical vibes don’t have to scream.

Embroidered camp collar shirt,
$180 by Bather

Karu Research Beaded camp collar shirt
Karu Research Beaded camp collar shirt

Beaded camp collar shirt,
$400 / $279 by Karu Research

Percival Cuban linen camp collar shirt
Percival Cuban linen camp collar shirt

Cuban linen camp collar shirt,
$165 / $97 by Percival

RRL Indigo striped camp collar shirt

Indigo striped camp collar shirt,
$295 / $209 by RRL

Drake's Block print camp collar shirt

Block print camp collar shirt,
$295 by Drake's

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