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Best men's seamless underwear in 2023

Switch to Seamless Underwear

The modern man’s choice in underwear has no seams

When was the last time you upgraded your underwear? It's a personal question, I know. And one that most guys don't think about very often. A lot of men end up picking their underwear type during their adolescence and just sticking with it—out of convenience, familiarity or laziness. But have you ever considered that there could be something better out there? Something that suits your needs, provides ultimate comfort and maybe even helps you look better in your clothes?

I'm talking about seamless underwear, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's underwear with little to no seams. What's the benefit to cutting out all that stitching? Well, for starters, it's a whole lot more comfortable. Nothing rubbing up against your junk or seams riding up or twisting when you sit down. Plus, there are no protruding stitching, which can cause visible lines in your pants. And since these modern boxers are often made from athletic-infused fabrics, they're stretchier, more supportive and are much better at retaining their shape without stretching and sagging over time. Plus, these enhanced fabrics tend to absorb less sweat and wick away moisture better than your standard underwear. That means you feel (and smell) a whole lot fresher throughout the day and night.

Simply put, switching to seamless underwear gives you all the freedom and ease of going commando, with added support. If the holy grail of underwear is a pair that you can slip on and forget that you're wearing, but when the time comes to remove your pants in the presence of others, you look sexy and stylish, then we've uncovered the holy grail of underwear. Of course, even within this niche category, there are countless styles to try. So we tested out over a dozen to find the best ones for your buck. From high-tech bonded seams and knit ventilation to more classic pairs with some added smoothness, here are the ones our team of testers recommends.


The BestMen’s
Seamless Underwear
in 2023

Valet. editor's pick
Valet. editor's pick

The Editor’s Pick

These are what we'd imagine you'd get if you had a scan of your body done for custom underwear. They are tailored with a three-dimensional shaped front for support, but made with a bonding technique so they're completely seamless. Even the waistband is integrated into the fabric. Speaking of which, that double-layered waistband has anti-slip grips and it's actually lower at the front and higher at the back to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. And since they're cut from the brand's signature stretchy AIRism fabric, they keep you cool and dry, no matter the weather.

AIRism Ultra seamless boxer brief,
$14.90 by UNIQLO

With a Fly

Most seamless styles omit the fly, because, by definition, it adds a small seam and complicates matters. But if you're used to, or prefer, a fly for easy access, then this is the pair for you. This design flips the standard fly 90 degrees and places it right where you need it with minimal fabric overlap. Other testers appreciated that this modal fabric was slightly thicker than other styles, which provided a little more support.

Jetsetter boxer brief,
$50 / $30 by Jack Archer

Best Trunks

Who would've guessed a company known for protein powder would develop such good underwear? But these trunks have everything you could want—from a silky soft knit fabric to engineered seamless mesh panels for ventilation—all for an affordable price. The legs are cut short for ease of movement and the waistband is a little thicker than most, but that was a design decision to prevent it from cutting into skin—one that most testers appreciated.

Seamless boxer brief,
$34 (for two-pack) by MyProtein


Performance Boxers

Want some boxer briefs you can wear under your workout shorts? These are it. With a mid-thigh length, they've got a seamless ribbed waistband and hems with a supportive pouch in front to keep everything in place. Ventilated panels in the crotch and back keep you cool and dry. The material itself is incredibly stretchy and holds up to both friction and multiple washes really well.

Hybrid boxer brief,
$20 by Gymshark

Classic Style

Not every seamless trunk has to be so ... futuristic. Hamilton and Hare's trunks are built much more like a hybrid between some knit boxers and a pair of boxer briefs. Made with a single piece of luxurious lyocell fabric, there are a few stitches to conform the underwear to your body shape, with zero chafing or bunching. The specially-made waistband prevents any elastic rubbing against your skin and they never show through your pants.

Seamless trunk,
$46 by Hamilton and Hare

Compression Style

If you like undies snug, especially when training, then these are the boxers for you. The knit fabric is soft, but doesn't have much give, so sizing is crucial. But it does have engineered mesh strategically placed in high-sweat areas for ultimate breathability. The integrated waistband stays put comfortably, but while there is an ergonomic pouch in the front, some testers found that it was a little too snug and not as stretchy as they'd like.

Rapid Vent tech boxer brief,
$38 by Lululemon

Ball Busters

A 1998 study by the Journal of Urology debunked the popular idea that wearing boxers has the ability to raise your sperm count.

Seamless underwear

A Brief Lifespan

These seamless pairs seem to hold up to constant washing, but as a general rule, you should replace all the underwear you wear daily once a year to keep things fresh, hygienic and fitting well. If you notice holes or fraying waistbands, it’s time to toss them.

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