Men’s underwear doesn't change much. It was boxers for a long time. Then briefs. The two morphed into the hybrid boxer briefs in the '90s and while there's been changes in length and style, the fundamentals have remained pretty similar. But over the past few years, a new breed of underwear has emerged. Modern boxer briefs and trunks, cut from lightweight stretchy material (think modal and viscose) that come equipped with inner pouches that are designed to tackle specific needs like support and separation. Designed specifically to prevent bunching, squishing and skin-on-skin stickiness or chafing, these pouches are not merely gimmicks. Saxx was the first brand we were aware of, but many others soon followed. The market is getting so big that even Hanes—responsible for nearly 40% off all men's underwear sales in America—has just introduced their version. So we had a few guys take some for a spin. Some pairs we liked, others we didn't. Here are the ones we think you need to know about.