It’s Trucker
Jacket Season

Best men's trucker jackets in 2023

It’s Trucker Jacket Season

The best denim (and non-denim) jackets to wear now (and forever)

There are few wardrobe workhorses that outperform a trucker jacket. While the first denim jacket appeared around 1905, it din't take off until until 1962, when the Levi's introduced their Trucker model (with its cropped cut and dual chest pockets), that men's style was forever changed. As comfortable as it is durable, it's also endlessly adaptable—you can pair this lightweight outerwear with pretty much everything in your closet.

Now's the perfect time to pull one on, too. The unpredictable weather of spring means you can wear this on it's own with a T-shirt on warm, sunny afternoons, but then layer it over a sweater or flannel on those last few chilly or rainy days. The reason why the jacket is so reliable is because it's managed to keep its irreverent cool and the silhouette can morph with the times. Right now, you opt for a raw selvedge style or black denim version and wear it close and cropped. Or you could choose from relaxed fabrics like linen, garment-dyed twill, corduroy or vintage washed denim and size up for a looser, boxier look.

Of course, if there's one downside about a legendary style like the trucker jacket, it's that there's an endless sea of options when you're trying to find one. And while they all might look similar on the hanger, how they look on the body is all due to the fabric choice and tailoring of the jacket. That's why you want to make sure you get a really good one—a jacket you can wear now and next year and five years from now. We've tried on our fair share, and then washed and worn a handful, to narrow down a select edit of the best ones worth your money. Take a look and see which ones speak to your style sensibility.


The Best
Trucker Jackets
for Men in 2023

J.Crew Washed Denim Trucker Jacket
J.Crew Washed Denim Trucker Jacket

Washed denim trucker jacket,
$148 / $88.80 (w/code SPRING)
by J.Crew

Adsum Overdyed Denim Trucker Jacket

Overdyed denim trucker jacket,
$255 by Adsum

Rogue Territory Supply Denim Trucker Jacket

Made in LA from Japanese selvedge denim from the Nihon Menpu Mills.

Supply denim trucker jacket,
$315 by Rogue Territory

Gap Washed Denim Trucker Jacket

Washed denim trucker jacket,
$79.95 / $63 by Gap

Billy Reid Linen Trucker Jacket

A lightweight version that hangs nicely on the body.

Linen trucker jacket,
$348 by Billy Reid

Todd Snyder Bedford Cord Trucker Jacket
Todd Snyder Bedford Cord Trucker Jacket

Bedford cord trucker jacket,
$298 by Todd Snyder


Taylor Stitch Sun-Bleached Denim Trucker Jacket
Taylor Stitch Sun-Bleached Denim Trucker Jacket

Long Haul cord
trucker jacket,
$188 by Taylor Stitch

Levis Premium Vintage Trucker Jacket

The OG. Available in several shades, but this vintage wash is perfect.

Premium vintage
trucker jacket,
$98 by Levi's

3sixteen Type 3s Denim Trucker Jacket

Type 3s
denim trucker jacket,
$285 by 3sixteen

Banana Republic Rigid Selvedge Denim Trucker Jacket

The best selvedge option you’ll find under $100.

Rigid selvedge
denim trucker jacket,
$130 / $74.99 by Banana Republic

Wythe Japanese Jaspe Selvedge Twill Trucker Jacket

Japanese Jaspe selvege
twill trucker jacket,
$428 / $235 by Wythe

The cropped style maintains archival details from 1948 but now made from Japanese selvedge denim.

101 Rider
denim trucker jacket,
$330 by Lee

Ketchup stain

Got a
small stain?

If you can't get the stain out, consider using a file or Dremel tool to distress the area and create a small abrasion. Denim is tough and a small hole looks cooler than a stain, right?

How to Wash
a Denim Jacket

Toothbrush illustration

If you’re dealing with a single stain, simply spot clean by scrubbing the fabric with a wet toothbrush and some dish soap or baking soda; rinse and let dry. Hand washing is what most denim heads will recommend for your jacket. Soak your jacket in cold water with a dollop of laundry detergent. Let sit for an hour, rinse with more cold water and lay flat to dry. If you don’t mind wrinkles, you can toss it in the machine on the cold, gentle cycle.

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