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The Coolest Shirt You Can Wear Right Now

The Coolest Shirt You Can Wear Right Now

Linen is the savvy, stylish man’s summertime secret weapon

Best men's linen shirts in 2024

It’s so fickle and feared, you'd think that linen garments come with some kind of warning from the Surgeon General. We understand the fuss and confusion. On one hand, linen is supposed to be casual and cool, but the textural fabric is known to wrinkle easily and often, guys aren't sure if they're supposed to be crisp and clean or crinkled and cool. But when you look back, to guys like Alain Delone in Purple Noon or even the recent past like Succession's antihero Tom Wambsgans, you'll see that linen was never pristine.

It's that perfectly imperfect vibe that makes it so good. Linen is the undisputed king of warm weather materials—light and airy, its texture simply can't be beat when it comes to dressing for the sweltering days of summer. You see, when linen fibers get hot, they expand slightly, allowing for more airflow between you and your shirt. The texture also keeps it from clinging to sweaty skin while the fibers tend to dry out much quicker than standard cotton—providing a less swampy experience, even in the most humid conditions. This is why linen has been relied on for literally thousands of years. And bonus: If cared for properly, the fabric only gets softer and better looking with age.

Taylor Stitch Hawthorne linen shirt

Hawthorne linen shirt,
$125 / $87.50 by Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Hawthorne linen shirt

Hawthorne linen shirt,
$125 / $87.50 by
Taylor Stitch

Sure, your linen will wrinkle as you wear it. But, we don't see that as a problem. Especially in the relaxed ease of summer style, we'd say the wrinkles add to linen's charm. And now, more than ever, the material offerings are nothing if not expansive. Short sleeve, long sleeve, camp collar or button-down: There are new, modern takes that will help you beat the heat in fully ventilated style. Beyond its seasonal practicality, linen reigns supreme because of its versatility. A linen shirt can spice up any pair of trousers, or even a lightweight suit, especially if it adds a pop of color or a funky collar. Toss one on over a tank top or tee, wear it solo and roll up the sleeves.

Of course, you can revive some '80s style by pairing your linen with a pair of short-shorts and some classic canvas kicks or embrace the '90s with some relaxed, pleated shorts. Size up the shirt for a relaxed fit, with the added benefit of an even breezier feel. Our selections run the gamut from dressy to beachy and everything in between. Take your pick and then take it easy.


The Best Linen Shirts
for Men in 2024

Gitman’s retro shirt is crafted by running their proprietary cotton/linen blend through a dobby loom, a technique that dates back to the 1840s.

Linen dobby shirt,
$265 by Gitman Vintage

Todd Snyder Irish linen shirt

Irish linen shirt,
$178 by Todd Snyder

Alex Crane Ola linen shirt

Ola linen shirt,
$135 by Alex Crane

Bather Linen traveler shirt

Linen traveler shirt,
$150 by Bather

Portuguese Flannel Linen shirt

Linen shirt,
$130 by Portuguese Flannel


Who says you can’t embrace rugged workwear in the summertime? This reimagined workshirt is light and airy.

Linen work shirt,
$98 by Madewell

J.Crew Baird McNutt Irish linen shirt

Baird McNutt
Irish linen shirt,
$98 / $64.50 by J.Crew

UNIQLO Linen camp collar shirt

Linen camp collar shirt,
$$39.90 by UNIQLO

The proportions on this cropped shirt make it really stand out, from the oversized buttons to a generous chest pocket.

Milford loose linen shirt,
$295 by Oliver Spencer

Taylor Stitch Hawthorne linen shirt

Hawthorne linen shirt,
$125 / $87.50 by Taylor Stitch

Buck Mason Draped linen shirt

Draped linen shirt,
$168 by Buck Mason


With a clear BODE-esque stitching, this affordable shirt has a relaxed silhouette and an easy resort-style camp collar.

Linen blend shirt,
$70 / $54.99 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Everlane Striped linen shirt

Striped linen shirt,
$78 by Everlane

Wythe Plaid linen workshirt

Plaid linen workshirt,
$198 by Wythe

Katin Alan linen shirt

Alan linen shirt,
$69 by Katin

Machine wash cold symbol

How to
Care for Linen

Some linen can be a little delicate, so check the care instructions before you toss your shirt in the wash. A good rule of thumb is a cool, gentle wash, and if you really want to lean into the crumpling (it's a good thing, we promise), let the piece hang-dry (you'll notice that it dries faster than standard shirts). If you want to lessen the wrinkles, we'd suggest steaming it versus ironing.

What to Look
for in Linen

Baird McNutt Mill Irish linen fabric

Look for 100% linen or those with other natural fibers blended in, like cotton or hemp. Examine the weave to make sure it’s smooth and sturdy. Ireland has long been known for producing quality linen, from such famed mills as Baird McNutt. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Irish linen, but if it is, that’s a good sign.

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