Tank Tops

Calvin Klein men's cotton tank top


Tank Tops

A price and style comparison

It’s time for tank tops. Suns out, guns out and all that. Of course, for most guys these simple white tanks will remain under our camp collars and knit shirts for most of the summer. They're the ideal lightweight layer to help you show off a little more chest or maybe a necklace or two. These tanks exude a cool, sexy confidence. But who makes the best option, when we're talking about the classic A-shirt variety?

You've no doubt heard them referred to by their domestic violence-influenced nickname—but that's been rebranded these days into the more palatable “wife pleasers” moniker. Officially, they're called A-shirts, thanks to Hanes, which rechristened the undergarment as the athletic shirt (or A-shirt) in the 1970s.

But you've got to find the one that works for you. When they're available everywhere—and we mean everywhere from drug stores and big box retailers to specialty shops—how do you decide which one's worth the money? We've tried on plenty recently. From the basic version sold in packs of six by Hanes to the version made from underwear legend Calvin Klein. Both were okay, but ultimately didn't make it to the top three you should consider, based on your personal style and budget.



The Lightweight

• All-cotton body with poly-stretch ribbed trim

• Has a breathable, almost micro-pique texture

• High neck that looks nice underneath shirts

• Long enough to stay tucked into pants

$14.90 by MUJI


The Endurance

• Cut from the brand's signature 18-Hour fabric, a mix of cotton and modal with 5% spandex

• Higher cut arm holes

• The form-fitting design holds it shape all day

• Able to be tucked-in, but the body is not overly long

$28 by Mack Weldon


The Luxury

• Cut from a long-staple cotton jersey with a silky handfeel

• The smooth, non-ribbed body has a sophisticated look that can be worn on its own

• The highest-cut arm holes

• The sturdiness of the stitching is evident and holds up to countless wearing and washing

$50 by Sunspel

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