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Building the Ultimate Boxers

When it comes to underwear, choosing a quality pair over something you buy in a pack of ten at a big box store is akin to the experience of a chauffeured black sedan versus a rental economy car—sure, they do the same job, but one does it with a lot more style and comfort. Underwear is (likely) something that you wear everyday, but is often one of the most overlooked parts of a man's wardrobe. Of course, who wants to drop a lot of money on something you wear under your clothes?



90% Model
10% Elastane



front pouch


This is exactly what Miguel Madrid, the founder of Texas-based Comfortable Boxers Co., was thinking when he started researching a way to craft premium boxer briefs at an affordable price. "Men shouldn't have to overpay for great underwear," says Madrid. "Just to find a pair that is durable, breathable and most importantly, comfortable." And after a year of rigorous research and development, the company has just launched with a Kickstarter campaign which is already over half funded.


The boxer briefs are made from a 90% modal fabric, a microfiber derived from beechwood that's eco-friendly and quite possibly the perfect underwear material. Not only is it extremely soft—something that's of great importance for any garment surrounding your junk—it's also cool to the touch, absorbent and resistant to shrinkage and fading. Meaning it will look and feel just as good a year from now. As for the actual design of the briefs, they've gone with a straightforward mid-length style with a seamless back and a comfortable, contoured pouch specifically designed to prevent ride-ups. For me personally, I'd like to see a fly added to the next release, but these prove to be ideal for active guys who want underwear that works at the gym, at the office or on a date.


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Pledge $13 to score one pair of the boxer briefs in your choice of colors.

(End Date: Thursday, July 16th at 5:30 am PDT)