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The best made-in-the-USA brands making menswear today

The best American-made men's clothing brands

The United States has a long storied history when it comes to what we wear. We were the first to make sneakers, jeans and a handful of hats, along with many other staples of a man's wardrobe. And while some might argue that little is still made in America, the reality is that there are a good many brands, both old and new, producing high quality clothing, shoes and accessories here in the States. And yes, it may cost more than the imported stuff, but that's because you're buying ethically-made pieces that support American manufacturing jobs. And what's more, if you ever have a problem with your purchase, these companies stand behind their products and will make it right for you.



Red Wing

Est. 1905 in Red Wing, MN

First designed to tackle the harsh conditions of logging and mining, today the durable yet comfortable boots appeal to factory workers and office workers alike.

Allen Edmonds

Est. 1922 in Port Washington, WI

Their name is synonymous with classically handsome and sturdy dress shoes. And thanks to their recrafting service, the shoes can easily last you a lifetime.


Est. 1932 in Portland, OR

This Pacific Northwest brand built a solid reputation by making boots that stand the test of time while withstanding the rigors of mountain paths, streams, snow and dirt.

Velva Sheen

Est. 1932 in Cincinnati, OH

This once defunct brand has recently been revived and proudly works to reproduce garments from Velva Sheen's heyday, like these soft tubular knit (no side seam) T-shirts.

Schott NYC

Est. 1913 in New York, NY

Schott was the first outerwear manufacturer to use a zipper on their jackets. Then Marlon Brando turned their signature Perfecto motorcycle jacket into the lasting icon it is today.

Hamilton Shirts

Est. 1883 in Houston, TX

For more than a century, the Hamilton family has been crafting bespoke shirts for clients. Every shirt is still cut by hand and sewn in their Houston workshop.

Oxxford Clothes

Est. 1916 in Chicago, IL

The only manufacturer in America that tailors custom garments entirely by hand, Oxxford Clothes has been committed to handcrafting suits that are as comfortable as they are sophisticated.


Est. 1909 in New Orleans, LA

This dapper brand specializes in tailored clothing that can take the Southern heat. You've seen Haspel on every true gentleman for more than 100 years, from Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird, to President Calvin Coolidge.


Est. 1897 in Seattle, WA

C.C. Filson outfitted prospectors headed for the Gold Rush with goods strong enough to contend with the toughest spots on Earth. The mission continues for those in need of hardwearing gear.

New England Shirt Co.

Est. 1933 in Fall River, MA

The New England Shirt Co. factory is the oldest operating ready-to-wear shirt manufacturer in America. They use traditional, hand-sewn construction and techniques to create honest, timeless clothing.


Est. 1920 in Portland, OR

This is the kid brother brand of the Dehen Knitting Company, which has been making heavy duty varsity jackets, sweaters and other uniforms for almost a century.


Est. 1853 in San Francisco, CA

The brand's archival line, Levi's Vintage Clothing, faithfully recreates classic Levi's models stitch-for-stitch, with denim from the famous Cone Mills in North Carolina.

Duluth Pack

Est. 1882 in Duluth, MN

What started out as a small leather goods store in Duluth by Camille Poirier grew into an iconic outfitter after he filed the patent for the brand's now signature scout pack.

New Balance

Est. 1906 in Boston, MA

Once a maker of arch supports, in 1938 they created their first pair of running shoes. While don't make all their sneakers in the US, they're the only major shoe company making athletic footwear here with their "Made in the USA" line.

L.L. Bean

Est. 1912 in Freeport, ME

Leon Leonwood Bean started one of the most successful outdoor outfitters by creating the innovative Maine Hunting Shoe (known as the duck boot) in the basement of his brother's apparel shop.

Brooks Brothers

Est. 1818 in New York, NY

When this clothing emporium first opened, they provided quality items made with integrity. Two centuries later, three domestic manufacturing facilities continue the tradition, crafting tailored goods and shoes here in the states.




Est. 2011 in New York, NY

Cleverly designed vintage-inspired clothing for the urban outdoors by designer Shinya Hasegawa—who previously worked and trained under the acclaimed Daiki Suzuki for the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection.

The Hill-Side

Est. 2009 in Brooklyn, NY

Established by brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo, The Hill-Side started out making ties and has grown into a full collection of handsome clothing made in both the United States and Japan, using their own well-crafted fabrics.

Buck Mason

Est. 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn began Buck Mason in an effort to craft clothing that would be timeless yet cool. They're committed to crafting clothing that outlives trends, weathers use and wears true-to-character.

Welcome Stranger

Est. 2010 in San Francisco, CA

With storefronts in San Francisco and Berkeley, this outdoorsy brand makes clothes that are rugged, adaptable and good looking. From reversible coats and lined vests to overdyed chinos and knit caps.

Flint and Tinder

Est. 2011 in San Francisco, CA

Rugged in construction, but refined in their selection of materials, Flint and Tinder came onto the scene with their unprecedented 10-year-hoodie, breaking Kickstarter records. They followed it up by reworking familiar basics into perfectly tailored staples.

Grown & Sewn

Est. 2009 in New York, NY

Founded by a former Ralph Lauren designer, the brand's trademark are pants that walk the line between khakis and jeans, which are then put through a vintage wash to add additional softness and fading.

Taylor Stitch

Est. 2008 in San Francisco, CA

A quintessential California brand, they produce well made clothes that are as good looking and well tailored as they are rugged, comfortable and relaxed. Each collection is limited in number and manufactured in California.

David Hart

Est. 2009 in New York, NY

Hart is known for his modern take on dapper, gentlemanly style. Dedicated to supporting New York City's disappearing Garment District, Hart produces much of his clothing and accessories in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Gitman Vintage

Est. 2008 in Ashland, PA

This new brand pay tribute to the Gitman Brothers heritage by selecting archival designs and fabrics from old line books, tweaking them just enough to make them work for today and crafting them in Ashland, Pennsylvania.

Save Khaki

Est. 2006 in New York, NY

This brand, known for their classic and comfortable clothing manufactures everything in the United States. They dye and finish every garments in California, known for its stringent environmental protection rules.

It's Not Just Clothes: Randolph Engineering, Shinola, Topo Designs and Billykirk are some of our favorite all-American makers of accessories.


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