The Brands to Watch in 2020

Best new menswear brands to watch in 2020

The Brands
to Watch in 2020

The labels you’ll want
to wear this season

There's a smug satisfaction from being the first to report on a new restaurant or share the name of a band that's just on the cusp of the mainstream. With a little effort, you drop your knowledge into a casual conversation and the next thing you know, that in-the-know recommendation is the root cause of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon amongst your inner circle.

It's a risky proposition if the restaurant fails its health inspection or the band's single is the only unskippable track. Fortunately, finding the newest and most interesting clothes can be less risk and more reward. Whether the new-found logo is making its way across the pond or an American company is beginning to make waves, it doesn't matter if you're the first to know. Local and long-distance finds both have redeeming qualities and can impress equally.

Now that we've safely navigated the first month of the '20s, we can start searching for the best new brands once the winter layers lift. We collected our favorite new or breakout labels worth paying attention to now.


The Ones to Watch

District Vision

Dedicated to "a holistic approach to athleticism and mental wellbeing," this company, founded by two European runners, balances streetwear with functionality to create clothing for the serious athlete who takes their style competitively, too. Even better: District Vision doesn't stop at the finish line—their fully-stocked lineup of sunglasses (hence the name) and Tibetan healing bowls round out their approach to a healthy, wellness-focused lifestyle.

AIR-WEAR short sleeve shirt, $80

Shoe The Bear

Hailing from Denmark, this footwear brand is perfecting the staples every man needs to own: chukkas, Chelseas and our favorite of theirs: the loafers. Much like the Scandinavian design we've come to love, Shoe The Bear keeps their style minimal, timeless and easy to pair, so the sneakers are perfect in a casual office and the boots punch in everywhere else.

Alonso loafer, $190


The first female designer to show at NYFW: Men's created a new line that combined traditional tailoring with the styles of modern workwear. Cool enough for SoHo, and warm enough for the Pacific Northwest, Bode is actually something both a flashier NBA player and me, a mere mortal, could comfortably wear.

Fifties picnic shirt, $418


This label, now designed by street style photographer Tommy Ton, really brings the claim "classic items in the modern world" to life. Creating a limited amount of each wardrobe item, Deveaux offers a bit of everything, including cozy outerwear. Focusing on sizing and proportions, their pants trendy toward baggy, riding the current trajectory of ignoring skinny and standing out.

Twill full pant, $595

Tempus Now

Combining Japanese denim and recycled Italian cashmere, this brand takes inspiration from founder Ora Fine's African heritage, leading to exciting colors and textures that subtly stand out. By focusing on the quality of their fabrics and an accessible design, Tempus Now produces high-end goods for even the risk-averse sartorialists.

Organic cotton denim jacket, $459

The One I’m Watching

The One I’m Watching

Founded as a Colorado-based backpack company, Topo Designs has had a little over a decade to mature. Their logo has been popping up in the trendier neighborhoods in recent years, but their recent collab with New Balance is an exciting evolution for their growing line of apparel. Is it too early to call them the next Patagonia?

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