31 Days

Day 10

Be Your Own Style God

We're living in a great time style-wise. Before, if you wanted to step up and emulate the icons of masculine style—gentleman like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Cary Grant—you needed a wardrobe of freshly pressed suits, a European sports car and maybe a new jawline. But today? The pantheon of style has opened up and let in a fresh class of inspiring men.

Looking good these days is more about looking authentic. Does what you have on actually feel like you? Does it suit your personal tastes and complement your personality as much as it does your physique?

Jonah Hill's personal style

Photo: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

This is what we like about Jonah Hill, with his relaxed yet thoughtful street style edge. It's what fashion insiders appreciate about A$AP Rocky's willingness to break the rules. Or Shia LaBeouf's haphazard layers that seem slightly unhinged but stay true to his rugged, bohemian vibe. Jeff Goldblum proves that you're never too old to mix up your prints and have some fun while Keanu Reeves has found a consistently cool everyman style that works for him.

The point is this: There's no one way to look good. It's an era of eclectic and accessible style. It's less about one standard uniform and more about expressing what makes you feel good. And it proves that you can be your own style god. Of course, a sports car and a nice watch never hurts.

Wise Words

Orson Welles

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

- Orson Welles