A chill in the air means it’s time for knit season; for many of us, the most wonderful time of the year. There's an extra special place in our hearts for the most stylish type of sweater, one that you might find hanging off the shoulders of guys like Harrison Ford to Evan Mock. Incidentally, it's probably also the one your grandpa has on right now, too. You guessed it—the cardigan. Categorized by their jacket-like buttons and intentionally slouchy look, cardigans offer a warm layer when you need it, and can dress up any old polo or tee for a classic, lived-in feel. The days of the jumper being tethered to academia are long gone. Although it's certainly appropriate to take cues from the old guard of prep (we're talking cardis and loafers), the consensus is that a cardigan looks good with damn near anything. Open or closed, oversized or snug, it's up to you—just be confident, and make your grandfather proud.