Loosen Up
Your Denim

Best men's relaxed fit jeans in 2021 Best men's relaxed fit jeans in 2021

Loosen Up
Your Denim

Relaxed-fit jeans are the only ones you should be wearing this season

Remember a few years back, when, with no alternative, you'd be forced to pull out and struggle into those nearly skin-tight skinny jeans come autumn? Yeah, we didn't love that either. Fall is about heavy basics and comfy layers, not seeing if you can actually fit into your denim. There are so many other things to be worried about right now, so why concern yourself with trying to physically jump into your jeans? No, this season is all about a relaxed fit—something with a wider leg, easy waist and lots of room to walk in. Depending on the brand and make, it might have a different name: straight-fit, bootcut and the like all share the general shape of the relaxed jean. As it's the onset of fall, your jeans should be on the heavier side, too. Grab a pair that you like and wear them into the ground.

Much like a basic T-shirt, relaxed jeans are just about as versatile as you can get with a bottom, meaning oh-so-many ways to wear them. They pair well with other looser styles—for instance, a tee/flannel layer looks great with some easy denim. Relaxed doesn't have to mean casual, either. There are plenty of ways to style these bottoms, but one of our current favorites is leaning into western wear. Some quality leather shoes (cowboy or otherwise) and a ranch-style shirt can simultaneously bring a fun yet formal feel to some straight-fit or bootcut jeans. If you want to be extra adventurous, you can high-low-high, and dress up your denim with a wide-fitting button down on top and some loafers for the kicks. It's a killer combo, we promise. However you decide to wear your relaxed fit jeans this fall, make sure they're the right size for you: Relaxed doesn't mean two sizes too big. Shop our picks for the best relaxed-fit jeans of 2021 below.


The Best Relaxed-Fit
Jeans in 2021

Flint and Tinder Straight Stretch Jean

Straight stretch jean,
$128 by Flint and Tinder

A.P.C. Martin Jean

Martin jean,
$209 by A.P.C.

J.Crew 770 Japanese Selvedge Straight-Fit Jean

770 Japanese selvedge straight-fit jean,
$158 by J.Crew

Acne Studios Loose-Fit Jean

Loose-fit jean,
$340 by Acne Studios

Levi's 559 Relaxed Straight Jean
Levi's 559 Relaxed Straight Jean

559 Relaxed straight jean,
$59.50 by Levi's

Everlane Relaxed 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean

Relaxed 4-way stretch organic jean,
$88 by Everlane

Stussy Double Knee Jean

Double knee jean,
$130 by Stüssy

NOAH Pleated Jean

Pleated jean,
$228 by NOAH

Dickies Relaxed-Fit Carpenter Jean
Dickies Relaxed-Fit Carpenter Jean

Relaxed-fit carpenter jean,
$59 by Dickies

Nudie Jeans Gritty Jackson Jean

Gritty Jackson jean,
$199 by Nudie Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Relaxed Straight Jean

Hampton relaxed straight jean,
$98.50 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Norse Projects Regular Jean

Norse regular jean,
$250 by Norse Projects

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean
Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean

Wrancher dress jean,
$43.40 / $39 by Wrangler

Stan Ray 80s Painter Jean

'80s Painter jean,
$134.40 by Stan Ray

H&M Regular Jean

Regular jean,
$29.90 by H&M

Marni Bleached Denim Jean

Bleached denim jean,
$555 by Marni

Imogene + Willie Henry Draper Jean
Imogene + Willie Henry Draper Jean

Henry Draper jean,
$285 by Imogene + Willie

Todd Snyder Relaxed-Fit Raw Selvedge Jean

Relaxed-fit raw selvedge jean,
$268 by Todd Snyder

Carhartt WIP Newel Relax Tapered Jean

Newel relax tapered jean,
$89 by Carhartt WIP

Zara Loose-Fit Jean

Loose-fit jean,
$49.90 by Zara

No launder icon

The No-Wash Rundown

By now, you’ve surely heard that “you’re not supposed to wash you jeans.” But what does that really mean? There are multiple reasons behind the anti-laundering of denim, but it mostly boils down to color and feel—you want your denim (especially raw denim) to retain its original hue and naturally crease to your body. Afraid of unwanted odors? Hang-dry in the sun and spritz them with an appropriate fabric cleaner, or simply tumble dry with a damp wash cloth and a dryer sheet (on low, please).

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