Scents of Summer

As the warm weather sets in, consider adding a new fragrance to your arsenal—both for yourself and your home. For one thing, your skin tends to produce more oil during the summer months, which acts as a natural scent magnifier, meaning less product goes a longer way. Which is also why crisp, fresh scents do well this time of year. And remember that scents can set the mood at home too. Embrace the relaxed vibes of summer with a cool candle (which also happens to make an ideal gift if you're staying over at someone's beach house).


For You

$100 by Acqua di Parma

Ginepro di Sardegna

The latest offering in the iconic Italian fragrance house's "Blu Medierraneo" lineup is inspired by the natural landscape surrounding Italy's coastal towns. Sweet citrus and herbs like sage complement the woody cypress base. It's what you'd imagine the sea breeze would smell like while cruising through Positano.

$105 by The Motley

Palo Santo

A rich, incense-y aroma might not immediately scream summer, but this small-batch organic cologne evokes dusky sunsets and beach bonfires. Imbued with the woodsmoke of South American Palo santo burning sticks, the scent rounds out with a creamy suede finish. It's masculine without being overly stuffy.

$48 by Michael Kors

Extreme Blue

For those that want a light, clean scent for the summer months, Michael Kors' latest fragrance is a crisp, fresh-from-the-shower fragrance that mixes bright greens like juniper with cool citrus and a warm, woody undercurrent. Like a good gin and tonic, the resulting cologne is subtle but intoxicating.

$38 by Clean

Clean Classic

This cult brand makes straightforward fragrances free of any harsh, artificial ingredients. The Classic scent is an update to their original Clean fragrance and is a heartier mix of fresh basil with a peppery, amber base. The effect is a warm, long-lasting cologne appropriate for the office as well as the beach.


For Your Home

Fresh Cut Grass

Chicago-based Chandler Candle Co. makes high quality but affordable candles that are housed in simple monogrammed vessels. We dig this spot-on grassy scent for summers in the city.

$60, by available this month
at Barneys

Beach Walk

Maison Margiela's Replica colognes recreate impactful fragrances and now the scents are available in candles. This one is a sunny blend of peppery citrus and sweet but subtle coconut milk.

Sea Salt
+ Bay Rum

This family owned fragrance house's small-batch candles have been a favorite of ours for a while now. The soy wax candle subtly blends vanilla-spiced rum with the salty tang of ocean air.

$45 / $39.98 by Norden

Big Sur

Inspired by California's most enchanting areas, Norden's Big Sur candle comes in a cool, stoneware vessel and houses a fragrance that captures the way you imagine the air smells on a hike overlooking the Pacific.



The ideal wick length to keep your candle burning longer and prevent it from smoking.