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We're living in a golden age of innovation, design and new business. But if there's a downside to all this web-fueled startup energy, it's such overhyped buzz words as "disruptive" and the constant comparisons ("they're like the Warby Parker of dress socks"). While some healthy skepticism makes for a good bullshit filter, that doesn't mean there aren't newcomers that are deserving of such praise. Quip, the new brand aiming to improve your oral care regimen through smart design and reasonable prices, is a prime example.


Quip starts shipping its first kits later this month, but initial supplies are limited so order now if you don't want to miss out.

Founders Simon Enever and Bill May started out by addressing two fundamental problems—more than half of all Americans don't brush for a full two minutes and 75% don't replace their brush head every 3 months as recommended. They found that the fundamentals of good oral care lie in user behavior and proper technique, not Bluetooth connected motion tracking motors that shoot ultrasonic waves at your teeth. So they created a simple electronic toothbrush that vibrates for exactly two minutes, pulsating every 30 seconds so equal time can be spent on each quadrant of the mouth. The real cleverness comes through the low-cost subscription model: you pay $25 to $40 for a starter kit and $5 every three months for a new brush head. Good design is about solving a problem with simplicity and functionality and we'd say this smart, no-frills brush has done just that.

Electric brush starter pack, from $25 by Quip


By the Numbers



The amount of time required to thoroughly brush teeth.


Times a Day

Brush teeth at least twice a day.



A toothbrush's typical lifespan. Replace sooner if bristles fray.



Hold your brush at an angle to properly clean teeth and gums.


Floss Session

You only need to floss once a day—at night, before bed.

Source: American Dental Association