Your Feet

A Simple Checklist for Cleaner,
Healthier and Decidedly Less-Gnarly Feet

Long summer weekends, lazy days at the beach and vacations with plenty of pool time are upon us. Which means the likelihood that you'll be unleashing your neglected feet on an unsuspecting public is high. Are you ready? No? Well we've got everything you need to know to keep your feet healthy. The fact that they won't offend anyone when you take your shoes off ... that's an added bonus.

Nail brush,
$7 by Kingsley



Soften the skin and nails with a warm shower (or soaking in the tub) for at least ten minutes. Use a nail brush to get rid of dirt and debris trapped under the nails.



Trim your nails, using a large toenail clipper that cuts the nail straight across, leaving a thin white tip. Avoid rounding off the corners, which can cause painful ingrown toenails.

Toenail clipper,
$14 by Tweezerman



Address dry, callused skin by using a pumice stone or foot file. Firmly scrub back and forth across the callused area to soften and smooth your soles. The quickest way to accomplish this? A professional pedicure. Salons have all the tools to make skin-sloughing quick and painless.

Pumice stone, $1.49 by Swissco

Peppermint foot lotion,
$7 by Burt's Bees



Keep your newly cleaned up feet soft and healthy looking by moisturizing them. Any old body lotion will do, but something specifically formulated for the tougher skin on your feet will be more effective in the long run.


Problem Solvers

Sweaty Feet?

Keep the swampy feeling at bay by applying an antiperspirant to the soles of your feet. Klima Surefoot Spray is specifically formulated for feet and will keep them dry for up to five days.

Cracked Heels?

Scratchy heels aren’t sexy, but the bigger problem is that cracks can lead to painful infections. Hydrate and heal the skin with an intense moisturizer like Flexitol.

Athlete’s Foot?

Fight the fungus by drying your feet after a shower (especially between the toes) and applying an over the counter topical treatment like Lamisil AT.