Let's face it, hot and humid weather can be a real bitch. And when it comes to suffering through sweltering temperatures, one of the worst side effects has to be swap crotch. That perfect storm of uncomfortable clamminess below the belt and, of course, the resulting stickiness and chaffing. For decades, men have tried to combat the dampness by applying powder—usually baby powder or that old time-y staple, Gold Bond. Neither seems all that age-appropriate for the modern gentleman. Thankfully, there are newer formulations suited to your needs and trust us when we say there are some real benefits to embracing the power of powder. You'll stay drier and cooler down south, which means you'll undoubtedly be more comfortable throughout the day. And bonus, no chaffing or irritation later on. What's more, these new powders aren't just for your junk. Sprinkle some into shoes or pat some onto your chest or back. But one warning: Based on our own scientific testing, your significant other will not appreciate it if you finish your application with a toss and a clap like LeBron James.