Classics, like the old fashioned and the manhattan, are always in style. Sometimes, however, it's nice to change it up for the season. This variation is a cocktail for the first truly chilly days of fall. Cutting the sugar, bitters and the sweet vermouth out of the two previously mentioned standbys leaves you with a strong pour of whiskey. Dubbed the "Workers on the Tracks", you want a whiskey with lots of fruit and spice. Sit down Bourbon—this is a job for American Rye. To that you'll add some Yellow Chartreuse. Honey and saffron impart their golden tones to this aptly named liqueur which comes in at a lower proof than its envious brother Green Chartreuse. These intensely colored liqueurs have both been made by the Carthusian Monks since 1737 and are now produced in the South-Eastern French town of Voiron. Your other ingredient, Dry Curacao, is just a poorly named triple sec. Sec means dry so look out for Pierre Ferrands Dry, but if you can't find it, Combier or Bols would work in a pinch. The drink is deep with autumnal flavor and expressing an orange peel over the top of the liquid adds a nice aromatic and visual garnish.