Ikea has been in the home furnishings game for more than seven decades. While the Swedish brand may've started out small, today the product range boasts more than 12,000 individual items. The company also possesses a massive archive of past designs. And now they're cracking open the vault to put a few of their most popular and timeless pieces back out on the shelves. After all, they don't have to dream up some retro-inspired pieces to suit today's vintage-loving consumer. They've got the real thing. The collection of reissued designs, dubbed ÅRGÅNG (Swedish for "year"), consists of nearly two dozen chairs, tables, lighting and accessories from the 1950s and '60s. According to the company, the pieces ring true to their original forms and proportions (with some welcomed improvements in materials and finishings). The limited-edition collection is available online, but as it sells out, your best bet may be in stores.