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Ever wonder how cologne works? The oils and essences that make up a fragrance, referred to as "notes," are slowly warmed and then react to your specific body chemistry. Find out how.

Just like you swap out your wardrobe with the changing of the seasons, now is a good time to reevaluate your personal fragrance library. Not that you necessarily need to—we come from the "if it works for you, do it" school of thought. But you probably don't want to spritz on a light, summery scent when it's cooling down outside. Here are the season's latest standouts.

Yves Saint Laurent
L'Homme Libre

Fresher than most heavy fall fragrances, this variation on their popular L'Homme scent has a young, but sophisticated feel with touches of spices like pepper and nutmeg mixed with basil.

$45, at Yves Saint Laurent

Molton Brown

This is named after a Canadian mountain. Which explains the rugged woody scent of Canadian Fir Balsam and smoky campfires. The bold scent is sweetened (appropriately) with a touch of maple.

$110, at Molton Brown

160th Anniversary Musk

An updated version of the apothecary's original "love potion" in a limited-edition bottle for the brand's 160th anniversary celebration. It's warm, rich and classic.

$39, at Nordstrom, Kiehl's

John Varvatos
Star USA

The first fragrance from his younger "Star USA" label, the cologne is masculine and a bit playful, like the bottle. There are spicy bits of ginger and juniper berries grounded by a traditional vetiver base.

$55, at Nordstrom

Eau De Lacoste

Inspired by the brand's signature polos, the white is an herbal blend of rosemary and cedar; the blue has a cleaner minty citrus profile while the green offers a mix of flowers, figs and grass.

$62, at Bloomingdale's

Royal Oud

A grown up and gentlemanly woody cologne, it gets its base from the rare (and expensive) oud from Indian Agarwood trees of India. But if you have the means, this leathery scent means business.

$300, at Creed

Code Sport

If you prefer something a bit cleaner and refreshing (terms usually reserved for summer scents), this cologne mixes three types of mint with sweet citrus. It's like spritzing yourself with Mojitos—in a good way.

$59, at Nordstrom

06 Amanu

After a run of successful fragrances and candles, Barneys convinced the hip New York shop to concoct a cologne just for them. The earthy scent is strong and rustic (think burning leaves) with touches of jasmine for balance.

$110, at Barneys


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September 13, 2011

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