Right now, menswear is embracing more relaxed, streetwear vibes. After all, who said good style had to be so buttoned-up?


In the early 1920s, Benjamin Russell's company Russell Athletic Co. created the first sweatshirt for his son's football team who complained of the chafing and discomfort caused by sweating in wool jerseys.

How to Wear It

Take your off-duty kit to the next level by layering a sweatshirt over a longer T-shirt and wearing it with some washed jeans. Or add some athletic style to your work look by pulling a crewneck over your standard button-down.

What to Look for

The sharp styles getting our attention are modern interpretations of the classic pullover finished with unique design details like zippers at the seams, quilting and textures.

Shown left: $228 by John Elliott + Co.